Mr. Hugh Ellison
Founder, Managing Partner
ECS Technology LLC

Hugh Ellison received his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from East Carolina University in December 1983. Upon graduation, he began his career in Information Technology as a software engineer for Burroughs Corporation. During this time, Mr. Ellison fulfilled various technical roles in support of Burroughs 'Large System' B5000, B6000, and B7000 mainframe computers. His technical background includes Operating System and Data Communications support for these platforms.

Mr. Ellison made the transition to management with Unisys Corporation in October 1994. As a consultant to the United States General Services Administration (GSA), he served as the Data Center Manager for GSA's Public Buildings Service (PBS). While managing the PBS Central Office data center, he worked with his technical staff to provide cutting-edge solutions to satisfy various business requirements.

In August 1999, Mr. Ellison founded ECS Technology LLC a company that specializes in managing data centers and enterprise computing platforms for its customers. Click 'about ECS' on the navigation menu bar above to discover how ECS Technology can help you meet your IT objectives.