Different options exist to contract a maintenance of a store online Prestashop. The maintenance tasks that usually make lack are optimizations SEO, to realise adjustments of style and design, to generate statistics, to watch stock, to update product information, et cetera. The client usually is in charge of some of these tasks but of all, as for example the SEO and is not then when they go to a company as ours.

As far as the prices and orientativas tariffs on Prestashop maintenance he depends on the amount of tasks to realise. One of the most habitual forms of work is to buy bags of hours and they are used to demand of the client. These are some reasonable orientative prices:

  • Stock market of 5 hours: 35‚¬/hora
  • Stock market of 10 hours: 30‚¬/hora

Here we left to another article with prices and tariffs you of maintenance Web.