In this article we are going to give ideas to you to improve and to update your webpage with the purpose of to maintain it to the day and to improve the services that you offer in her.

To give a new air to your webpage is a signal that your business is alive. If you go to a company or professional of design and programming can be a simple task and your visitors see that she worries to you to improve your image and services.

What I can do in my webpage so that she is more modern and attractive?

  1. You can make a redesign, it is not necessary that is complete of all the aspects of the Web, is enough with changing the bottom by means of an image, color or degraded, you can style the menu bar, put a new typography for all the Web using Google Fonts, to place a frame to the images, to add some shades, to change the main colors, if your Web is designed in way box can be happened as a complete width. All this can seem complex but in many cases it is possible to be realised publishing the style sheet CSS, requests help to us if you need a maquetador for this work.
  2. To use an attractive typography. Although or we have mentioned it previously, you can make much more elegant your website using a creative typography or little view. This is really easy thanks to Google Fonts, is a gratuitous service that allows to integrate in your nonstandard Web up to 600 typographies of very simple form touching the style sheet CSS of your Web. The Web most attractive has an elegant typography, professional images and a good trowel of colors chosen, the others is almost secondary.
  3. Photographic slider in home. To add a photographic animation in the head of our page of home gives to much joy and visual freshness. In addition this slider can serve us to place impressive and attractive photographies, to show supplies, new products or services or images of our facilities.
  4. Professional photographies of payment. A webpage changes completely when it has impressive and attractive photographies. To show bold images will draw attention of your visitors and will remember your website easily but. You can buy photos of stock by 2 or 3‚¬ in Fotolia, Photodune or Freepik, your Web will change completely.
  5. Movable device adaptation. Not only on computers the man lives, at present smartphones, tablets, televisions with Internet, video game consoles, all these equipment allow to sail by the Web and your page must work and visualize correctly in them if you want to arrive at more public. According to your Web is designed will be easier or less to adapt it to mobiles but you must try it by the importance that have these equipment now but, mainly, by that they are going to have in the years ahead.
  6. The obsolete news. If your Web is one of those pages that a dozen of the old fashioned news because has they never registered at the outset and more, you will make an important favor to your image if you eliminate them. Laziness and carelessness in your Web will not be a good way to sell more. He is better not to have the news than to have them obsolete and left. Do Our users buy expired milk or yogurts?
  7. You have a page Flash? Hewston: we have a problem. To have a Web nowadays realised in Flash is as not being in Internet. The pages Flash do not allow that the finders index their contents of text and image because they are packagings, not even seeking as Google can make miracles. In addition to this technical aspect, the pages Flash do not visualize in movable devices, which supposes a 66% of the present market. The manufacturers of mobiles and tablets have striped to Flash because they complain the so high consumption of battery that they have this type of contents multimedia. The present standard is HTML5 that is extending as the powder and does not have any of these problems, we recommended to you that you make your page using this standard. If your page is done in HTML and has fragments Flash as banners of publicity your problem is not so serious but publi not will visualize in mobiles and your advertisers will not be very happy€¦.