If you have an old webpage you will need to adapt it to mobile phones and tablets if you want that from these equipment they can visit your page. This market of devices because at the moment a 66% of the visitors Web come from visits realised from mobile phones, tablets is not due to despise, televisions with connection to Internet, etc.

To adapt a webpage to movable devices and tablets is not too complex but it requires of a designer Web that has knowledge in adaptable model-making HTML5 and CSS3 so that he is able to create a design responsive or.

If you have never heard speak of the design responsive you we explained it next. This type of design which does is to adapt the content of the page to the width of the window of navigation of such form that the content never appears trimmed horizontally. The content is distributed towards underneath such form that is only used scroll vertical. This, that can seem a triviality, is very important because the devices allow rotation and change the width of the window constantly and if the page is adaptable the content will stretch and encojer¡ of flexible form avoiding to have to use the horizontal bar of scroll.

If by accidental a your webpage it is realised in Flash then you will not be able to realise an adaptation for mobile phones and tablets because these devices do not support to the technology Flash and in that case which you will have to do is to create a totally new webpage, from zero. You always can create your new page on the basis of the present page trying to conserve text and images but in no case you must continue with your page Flash because one does not go away to visualize in those devices since it has been stopped supporting that technology. For that reason we insisted to our clients who to have a page Flash are as not being in Internet nowadays.

If you are thinking to renew your page because she is old this is the occasion to happen to you to WordPress, the best tool to have an alive, manageable, with design blog, responsive, oriented webpage to SEO, with an enormous catalogue of group designs so that you can choose the one that better adapts to your activity and the best thing: than 27,000 plugins more gratuitous to extend the functionalities of your Web of almost infinite form!