To adapt your webpage to mobiles, tablets, smartphones, ipad, iphone, android, etc., is something that you can make if accounts with a professional in design and model-making CSS3. To this type of design responsive is denominated to him, we left another related article here you.

Often they ask if it is necessary to have two versions of the same Web, one for computers and another one to us for movable devices. If the Web well is realised and designed it is not necessary, the HTML of the pages is the same and what varies are styles CSS, which must define well-known the average query to fit layout of the pages based on the width of the device. Really: if you have a designed good Web you do not need two versions.

I can adapt my present Web to mobiles and tablets?

If your page is realised in HTML, maquetada in layers and with relative positioning it is very possible that yes it is possible to be adapted. If on the contrary it is realised in Flash or maquetada with tables instead of layers or absolute positioning it is rather more difficult, consult to us if you need a technical opinion.

If your page this moderately done well simply becomes congested a file to him .CSS at the end of the head that rewrites the present rules of style of the page, adapting it to the different widths from device.

Sometimes it is necessary to modify the rendering of the HTML to create containers or paternal adapters and this it can complicate the work, mainly if the page generates dynamic content.