If you look for a programmer PHP in Madrid you can have me, it tell me what you need and we see if I can help you.

My name is Carlos Doral and I take working in PHP from version 3, we spoke of the year 2000. Later I used PHP4 with the incorporation of classes to the language and now use PHP5 that has a total direction objects, something fundamental nowadays to organize the source code and architecture of any application PHP.

My experience in this language is the following one:

Programming of Webs to size in PHP and MySQL

For more than one decade I have realised webpages to size. The process consisted of making a design in Photoshop, to turn it to a scale model HTML, to mount the frontal or part publishes and to program its manager of contents (private zone). The used technology was PHP and MySQL in the part of servant and HTML and Javascript in the client.

Programming of email systems marketing and massive shipment of post office in PHP and MySQL

I have developed to different tools for shipment from massive post office, necessity demanded by publishing houses mainly.

These tools included the programmed shipment, management and monitoring of the campaigns: openings of post office, clicks in connections, etc.

Along with the service of programming one offers the design and preparation of e-mail groups.

Programming of managers of content CMS in PHP and MySQL

To realise the programming of a manager of contents for a website that shows dynamic contents is fundamental although nowadays rarely it is necessary thanks to tools as WordPress.

Years ago to program a manager of contents for a Web was most normal of the world and the result was a tool that adapted perfectly to the needs of the project. Nowadays usually it is used WordPress for that work saving very many time of programming since it has many functionalities already developed.

Programming of applications of management in PHP and MySQL

Many years ago Visual Basic and Access they were the formula more extended to create applications of management in SMEs for surroundings Windows. Little by little they went being necessary functions client-servant for who they were not prepared.

Those that we began to use PHP we saw an enormous potential since its native architecture was client-servant. The surroundings Web and php were the ideal combination to replace Visual Basic and Access, so the most bold developers we decided to program complex applications of management in surroundings Web being used php and mysql in the part of servant. The result was superb: systems centralized, accessible from the enterprise Intranet and the outside without making no special programming, were the first applications in the cloud

Programming of plugins WordPress in PHP and MySQL

I have experience to size developing plugins in WordPress surroundings. In addition I have published some plugin in repositorio official, in wordpress.org

Programming of modules Prestashop in PHP and MySQL

Also I have experience developing in Prestashop, modules in accordance with each project to solve small functional details that cannot be realised from PS or theme utillizado.

Generation of analytical information and in PHP and MySQL

A task quite common in development PHP is the creation of information in pdf. Normally the information leave from a complex consultation that is sent on the data base. These information have a head, a listing, I cheeped of page and when finalizing usually there is a summary of data, as it would be the case of an invoice.

Relational databases in PHP and MySQL

In PHP and MySQL relational databases of great complexity can be realised, with referential integrity, views, procedures even stored used to improve the yield.