There is a problem that has crazy people to the users of Avada and is that they cannot use the tool to create content because there is an emergent black window that covers all the page.

This problem is an error of some versions of Avada, has happened to me with version 3.6.1, 3.6.2 and I believe that it happens more in some.

The problem consists of which it appears a black layer (<div>) over the own emergent window of Avada with which the parameters of the modules are formed. This window prevents the edition of the fields of the module.

Solution, step by step

Until the developer solves the problem, that by the way is taking it with much calm, there is a small patch which I have developed and you can use. The patch consists of applying some styles to the CSS of the administrator of WordPress, those styles hide that black layer and you already can accede to the content.

1) We need to create a new style sheet and to modify the file functions.php of the subject. I do not recommend to you to do it in the original subject of Avada, it is not a good practice, it will prevent you to update the subject, the best thing is to use a subject son, we go to it!

2) If there are bought Avada in themeforest you will see that in the unloading archives already it is the subject created son, simply you must copy it to your directory wp-content/themes.

3) You must activate the subject son, go to there active Appearance, subjects and the subject son who will be called Avada child. When doing this the menu superior of your Web desconfigura, does not pass anything, you go to Menus, selects the main menu and punctures check Main Navigation, keeps and already you will see as your Web is seen correctly with the menu.

4) In the directory wp-content/themes/avada-child you must publish the file functions.php, can do it from Appearance, Publisher and must add these lines of code:

function cdp_scripts () \ {wp_enqueue_style (€˜cdp_admin_css€™, get_stylesheet_directory_uri (). €˜/cdp_admin.css€™);} add_action (€˜admin_enqueue_scripts€™, €˜cdp_scripts€™);

5) Now you must create a new file (by means of FTP) call wp-content/themes/avada-child/cdp_admin.css and inside you must stick this code CSS:

body.wp-admin .ui-widget-overlay \ {z-index: 101! important;}

6) It keeps the changes and€¦. to work!

I hope that it has helped you!