You need to change of servant? Is Your supplier of hosting terrible? He is expensive? Does Your page go very slow? They have hackeado your Web? If you have become some of these questions you have arrived at the suitable place because here we will give to wise people advice you who will help you to decide, or to understand at least of what a migration process consists Web and if it is worth the pain to take the step.

At the present time hosting is a competitiveness very hard in the sector of the services, is easy that you have an old lodging, obsolete, expensive, with few resources, space of storage, etc. and you are thinking about leaving it to happen to the another best one.

Therefore, it is easy that you want to change to a servant better than the one than present, economic and probably with storage SSD, which will cause that your page flies!

Elements that take part in a migration Web

In order to understand how we must migrate a Web we must know clearly what elements take part in a migration process not to leave anything us by the way. You must think that you are going to cancel your present lodging and All the information will be lost that you have there, therefore you must correctly have migrated all the elements to the new supplier.

In a lodging the most habitual Web it is to have:

  • A domain. This one is the name with which the visitors accede to your page, for example or
  • A webpage. 95% of the pages Webs are realised in WordPress, Prestashop or to size in HTML/PHP. The page usually is formed by some hundreds or thousands of files and at least one data base.
  • E-mails. If you have accounts of mail associated to the domain, as for example, must migrate the post office to the new servant or you will lose them irremediably!

Sometimes I have read articles exceeds how to migrate a Web or domain and they concentrate in the migration of the page, forgetting completely the e-mails, serious error, because when changing of servant the post office remain in the previous lodging and when cancelling all the information will be eliminated it and it will not be possible to be recovered, you imagine to lose your hundreds or thousands of post office?

By all this it is fundamental that in this process somebody technician advises to you, with experience in migrations and who knows the most common errors, it contacts with us if you need help.

Migration of the domain

If what you want is to change of servant for your page and e-mails usually is not necessary to migrate the domain, you can leave it in the present supplier, unless they force to you to have all together one: domain + lodging + post office, in this one case you will have to migrate it everything. If you want a supplier/domain name register we recommended DonDominio to you.

In case you must migrate the most habitual domain is to ask for the transference from the destiny recorder. If one is a .ES will arrive an email at the administrative contact, assure you that you are, when receiving the email you only must puncture the connection and will begin the transference. The process is automatic and transparent, everything will continue working because the DNS will continue being the same. The process usually concludes the same day.

In case you have a .COM you will need a called code AUTHCODE, you will have it in the Control Panel of your supplier of origin or will have to ask it them. With the AUTHCODE you ask for the transference of the domain in the destiny recorder, one will begin at that moment and it would conclude about 5 days later. Here the same happens, the DNS have not been modified, therefore the Web and post office will continue working and aiming at the origin supplier. Once you have the domain in the destiny supplier you will be able to migrate the Web and post office.

Migration Web

The Web usually is relatively easy to migrate it, depends on if it is done to size or with a CMS type WordPress or Prestashop. Almost always the Web usually goes accompanied of a data base, also is necessary to migrate it. In the case of WordPress there are two methods to make the migration, with plugin Duplicator or with Better Search and replace and in the case of Prestashop is necessary to do it manually.

Well-taken care of Ten because if unloadings by FTP all the files Web with a client perhaps as Filezilla does not unload all the tree of folders and directories, mainly if you have a Prestashop, tool FTP do not detect all the anidaciones of folders when the tree is very great and you could lose information, mainly images.

Migration of post office

The migration of post office is most complex of all, since it forces to transfer the present post office to the new servant and to reshape all the accounts with the new parameters, if we have several accounts and we used them with IMAP in portable, computer, tablet, reason, is necessary to spend long time to put everything in march.

We have a developed tool to this intention, he leaves we do the migration to you by a reasonable cost and you do not worry about anything. In addition not only it is necessary to migrate the post office but also it is necessary to conserve the flags or flags of the same, its state (if they are leidos or not) and by all means the structure of folders, being able to have subfolders. In addition in the origin servant they can use a type of parameters different from the one from destiny, as for example the separating character of folders, all this we consider it and controlled, it leaves we are in charge.

If you want to avoid the migration of post office you can form them as POP3 because then they will be unloaded in your computer and you will be able to more easily make the change of servant, but my recommendation is that you always use the mail as IMAP because you will have it synchronous between computers, devices, several people can use a same account, is the perfect solution.

Which is the ideal configuration?

The ideal configuration is to have three different suppliers, one for the domain, another one for the webpage and another one for the e-mails. It sounds to madness, truth? Then it is not it, you says it the voice of the experience! because? I explain it to you next.

Three suppliers for my lodging Web? , what horror!

It is not a madness nor a horror. The reason to have everything distributed is that the prices of each service are very different from a company from another one and the necessary power for each also is very different. For example, for e-mail it is necessary much space of storage and little processor/memory, nevertheless a Web needs little space storage and much processor/memory. To replace both needs with a same company is going to be very difficult, therefore, because we did not distribute it? We use a supplier for the mail and another one for the Web, thus we obtain the best thing of each supplier. It is the perfect formula!

Another thing that there is to consider is that if we used CPanel as Control Panel of our lodging, the anti-virus that it has is really bad, even useless and nowadays many infections in equipment by the e-mail take place, not to have a good anti-virus in the lodging. Therefore the ideal is to have a professional mail as which it can offer Acens (company of Telef³nica) where in addition the costs are very small and the type of servant is oriented towards the mail and for the Web we can use another different company as he can be WebEmpresa or Cubenode.

Another reason for weight to have the mail in a site and the Web in another one is that the page can be hackeada and can be necessary to change of servant if the present one has some opening of important security. To change a servant Web is quite simple and it would be possible to be done transparently since the mail is not next to the Web, if not in another different supplier. That is to say, to have the Web in a servant and the post office in another is going to allow to us to migrate the Web in time record without touching the post office, neither to migrate them nor to change its configuration. This is fundamental because sometimes it is called on €œto leave running€ a supplier of hosting because it has constants security problems or speed and what prevents to take the step us is to have together Web and post office, therefore is necessary to separate them.

Sometimes it can be necessary to leave running a supplier of hosting?

YES, definitively, yes. In my ample experience in the lodging and administration of Web sites sometimes it has been called on to me €œto leave running€ a supplier so that they had hackeado its servant and were not able to solve the problem. If that happens to you having 40 or 50 Webs in this supplier you can be imagined what nights of diversion hope to you€¦. In extreme situations as this one the best thing is to migrate the Web to another servant while you solve the problem but you have the mail in the same servant is very many more complex.