It adapts your webpage to mobiles, tablets, movable devices, you do a design responsive. Design Web, webpage, responsive, reason, tablet, device, smartphone, adaptable, to renew, to improve, to adapt, to visualizeTo maintain a webpage she is one of the workings in which more experience we have and for that reason we are going to describe to you of what this task consists so that you can value if you need or not maintain your page.


A webpage require of a maintenance if it is realised with a CMS as WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, Magento or any other similar. A Web of this type is composed by a nucleus of the tool in himself and a series of plugins or modules, all this must be updated periodically to avoid security problems and to correct programming errors. Before updating it is necessary to make a complete backup copy because the updates fail sometimes and your Web could stop working partially total or, here you have an article that speaks of it.

If on the contrary your Web is done in HTML, without programming nor data bases, your Web will not require of any maintenance.

Maintenance of content

The content maintenance consists of publishing content in your page or modifying the already existing one, is the best form to maintain alive your page, to improve your positioning and to receive traffic. This work you would have to realise it you yourself since you are nobody knows your activity better than although everybody does not have time to publish content, is a sacrificed work and your page must be realised with a tool WordPress type so that you can accede to the administration to change texts, photos, etc.

If you are interested in that we do the maintenance of your Web consults our plans.