To change of servantHow to change of servant? It it can do anyone? We explained the process to you so that you can take the best election and are not problems.

To change of servant implies to make a migration of the domain, the Web and the e-mail, these three elements, in some cases is not necessary to migrate some of them but usually he is most habitual.

Technician is a process enough, it cannot do anyone, must make it an expert in systems or developer Web with previous experience so that nothing fails. You imagine to lose your e-mails, or your webpage? We have known cases in which a computer science one transferred the webpage from a servant to another one but it forgot to migrate the mail accounts and they were lost without capacity to restore forces and assets and control damage.

The process must be perfectly coordinated with the client, the users must be warned, is due to make endorsements at the different moments so that if something fails the information can be recovered. And one is only due to cancel with the previous supplier when we have everything verified in the new one.

If you need help in this sense contacts with us. We have made tens of migrations, of webpages, post office, domains and know the retail process, we have much experience and there have never been problems. The migrations normally we make gratuitous those clients who lodge with us, if your Web loads slow or your mail does not have a good anti-virus see you with us and you notice the improvement, consults our plans of maintenance Web.