Slow WebDoes Your Web go slow? We explained the possible reasons to you for this slowness so that you can put remedy.

In the first place it is necessary to differentiate between the webpage and the servant in who it is being executed. Perhaps the problem is in one of these elements or both.

Slow servant

Normally the servant has some resources: processor, ram memory, space of storage, bandwidth, etc. In addition the servant can be shared between tens or hundreds of clients, consequently can have bottle necks if he does not manage himself correctly. Some of these data can be found out if you accede to the Control Panel of your lodging.

Perhaps your servant uses traditional, mechanical hard disks. Nowadays the present and future are the discs SSD (Solid State Drive) that can be 20 times faster than the mechanics. They are as a flash memory but very, very fast, as much in reading as in writing. A mechanical disc can read and to write to 20Megabyte/seg, the SSD reach 500Megabyte/seg! In the modern lodgings, as which we used to lodge our clients, they use SSD which enormously accelerates of load of the page, here you have more information on the matter.

Slow webpage

On the other hand, your webpage. Type WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop will be realised with a CMS, and in little occasions it will be HTML. You would have to review if your page has optimized the images, you do not have to raise photographies in another format that are not JPG and must have a weight nonsuperior to 120Kb. If you raise a photo of 1Megabyte will slow down your Web and bandwidth will consume much. Like the images can have other files that can slow down, as the CSS, JS, typographies, videos, PDFs, etc. If your Web is done in HTML, without programming nor data bases PHP it would have to go as the ray independent of your servant!

If your page is done with a CMS and it leans in a data base generates the content dynamically, that is to say, whenever a visitor accedes to your Web send consultations to the data base to reclaim texts, images associated, etc. All this consumes resources. The best thing is to install a system of cache by means of plugin or module or to activate this option in your CMS if it allows it, as it is the case of Prestashop.

In some cases, slowness can be due to that your Web is hackeada. Somebody has been able to accede to the interior, script has inserted some malicious and is sending Spam or some denial-of-service attack to another Web or any other fraudulent activity. Here you have more information in case it interests to you.

If you want the opinion of an expert so that it advises to you contacts with us, we can make a revision of your website and until offering our service to you of lodging and maintenance Web.