How to solve the key error €œof invalid security€ of Prestashop 1.6

How to solve the key error €œof invalid security€ of Prestashop 1.6

If you are home to perhaps work with some version of Prestashop 1,6 you have had the Key error €œof invalid security€ that it happens when you add or you modify CMS pages.

It is an error of programming of the equipment of Prestashop that they will solve in following versions, while .php of the application will be called on to fix to you publishing it manually a file, in this video we explained to you how to do it.

100 groups to newsletter or email-marketing of general intention

100 groups to newsletter or email-marketing of general intention

We offer a pack to you of 100 professional groups email to send to newsletter or campaigns of email-marketing of general intention. They have an elegant and clean design, ideal for businesses, notifications of events, reminders, electronic commerce, etc. Kitchen mhelp this connection to see demo.

Altogether they are 100 archives HTML, 20 layouts, 5 schemes of color and 361 icons in different sizes.

The groups you are composed by interchangeable rows of content to each other, which will allow you to generate layouts additional.

The bellboys for the calls to the action are realised in HTML, you will not need Photoshop to publish them.

These groups have been proven in the clients of mail and extended systems of webmail more: Thunderbird, Outlook (version 6 including), iOS Mail, IE8, IE9, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, GMail, Yahoo, Outlook.

In addition 361 icons (in png with transparency) adapted to the 5 schemes of color and several sizes are included (16—16, 24—24, 32—32, 48—48, 64—64) so that it does not lack don't mention it at the time of creating your group.

This pack of groups we have created it and we sell it by only 29.90‚¬. It realises the payment by Paypal and we will send the unloading connection to you.

[nicepaypallite name=€ Lima Soul: 100 29,90 groups of newsletter€ amount=€ €³]

It adds bellboys to share in social networks with this simple and light plugin WordPress

It adds bellboys to share in social networks with this simple and light plugin WordPress

They exist numerous plugins to add social bellboys in the post and pages of a WordPress site but all have some kind of problem, as the mentioned ones next:

  • They take much in loading because whenever they renderizan the bellboys realise connections to the website of the developer.
  • They add to effects CSS3 or complex functionality Javascript to make some type of effect in many unnecessary cases.
  • Too much searched carefully or complex configuration for something so simple.

This plugin called Simple Buttons Share is plugin perfect in this sense, satisfies the requirements to avoid the mentioned problems previously.

Here we left the unloading connection.


Professor WordPress in Madrid

Professor WordPress in Madrid

You need professor WordPress in Madrid?

If you need professor WordPress in Madrid to receive particular classes you have arrived at the suitable place.

In Ecs-Technology we mainly distributed brief and intensive and very customized courses for independent SMEs and. You are formation sessions are oriented to that the users learn to handle their WordPress page.

We teach to directly use thorough the most important options of WordPress on the webpage of the user. Our professor WordPress will teach to you to use all the options of the subject that you are using and to make personalisations and configurations more outposts if you have certain knowledge base.

Professors WordPress who we used for the formation are not professors standard, are developer Web, experts in programming, design, model-making and SEO. During the formation tricks and good practices of developers are explained that have realised tens of webpages and know to tell you how you can optimize and improve your contents and configuration.

Particular classes realised by expert developers

You will never accede to a so customized and privileged formation as the one that our developers offer that numerous webpages have realised and they have been with real problems as which you are going to find to update and to maintain your webpage. They do not serve for anything the formation generalist WordPress because when you want to apply those knowledge in real scenes always fail something.

This service is very exclusive and of quality, therefore the price is not economic because the objective is not that you save money but you learn to generate it by means of this great tool that is WordPress. You will go of the hand of an expert who will directly take care of in your office or address to you and will offer consultancy to you Web and consultancy SEO.

To write a blog it can do anyone but to know how to write to position as well as possible in finders is not easy task, it must orient and help somebody to you that already has done it other times and that are specialistic in that matter.

It goes to our professor and WordPress expert if you are of Madrid and you wish to receive formation of very customized quality and.

Prices and tariffs of our professors WordPress for independent SMEs and of Madrid

[alert type=€ info€ close=€ false€] the present price of this service is of 45‚¬/h [/alert]

If you are interested in our supply of formation contacts with us.

How to avoid marronazos if you are freelance developer

How to avoid marronazos if you are freelance developer

If you are freelance developer you can interest these advice to try to avoid problematic clients or projects, or you even can obtain some ideas to solve the most habitual problems in the relations client €“ developer.

The approach of this article is partial and tries to defend the interests of the developer, without putting to the client as bad of peli.

  • The price is better not to work than to do throwing it. If they do not leave works spends your time to you to promote to you, not to work cabreado and bad phelp.
  • Closed price can only be given when everything depends on you and the project is well-defined.
  • The defined work you do not have to invoice it per hours. If you have given closed price the client can be requesting functionalities to you until the infinite due to that imprecision. This will submerge you in phelp an interminable and bad project.
  • If the client wants to work to the flight (making decisions on the march, participating in each detail, desoyendo the technical limitations, changing of opinion, undoing work already done, etc.) you must invoice the work per hours.
  • The frontal avoids to budget developments of the type I want a webpage similar to€¦ Is difficult to measure the complexity of a Web much more seeing but if you cannot accede to backend. In addition, if a client is not able to create a Word document of requirements is that she does not go in serious.
  • The complex developments or to size require a previous analysis that must invoice per hours and totally supposes a task to the independent margin and to the development. This in Spain is not understood easily.
  • The good clients are neither great nor the small ones, are those that let to you do and understand that your time is worth money.
  • He tries, as far as possible, not to depend on the taste of the others. This he is one of the reasons by which many developers use group designs to size avoiding the design.
  • A project does not leave ahead until the client realises the first payment.
  • If you have family to your position (children, parents) your yield is smaller, it measures well your forces.

I hope that they have served these advice to you, are fruit of many years of experience€¦


Particular classes of WordPress in Madrid

Particular classes of WordPress in Madrid

Particular classes of WordPress in Madrid

If you want to receive particular classes of WordPress in Madrid we advised you that you go to an experienced developer that will teach to you to use the tool not only from the point of view of configuration and optimization, but also the direction of contents to harness the SEO and that of this form you obtain the greater number of possible visits.

All we know that WordPress is a tool reasonable and relatively easy to use, but each subject or soles is a world and they are formed totally of different forms. Perhaps for that reason if you know to work with a concrete subject those knowledge are not used you for another subject that is managed differently. He is easy and amazing to find you with this problematic one if you decide to try to create your Web or blog without knowledge. In these aspects and other many a developer as which we have in Ecs-Technology you can help to teach to you of totally customized form. It thinks that what you can learn in one week giving returned and looking for by forums in Internet or with very generalist courses, a developer can teach to you in 15 minutes.

With this type of formation which we try it is that he is the user the one that decides what wants to learn, in what wants to deepen and of that way we offer an exclusive and customized service totally. In addition this course can be realised in the address of the user home with a new WordPress installation or using the one that has in march the user.

Help Me can a course online on WordPress?

Any formation that you receive without real application will be in the forgetfulness in just a short time. On the courses online it is insisted much on explaining technical contents on WordPress but the sufficient practices are not realised on real cases.

You want to really learn? Beam a real project!

Nothing as real situations to learn to dominate the true problems that can arise when realising professional webpages. For example, in no short course they will explain the innumerable problems to you that arise in the WordPress facilities due to the technical characteristics of the lodging companies. And as this case more situations occur many.

You want to learn of the hand of a WordPress expert?

If you really want a precise and customized knowledge of WordPress contacts with us.



What to do when you cannot send post office from your WordPress page

What to do when you cannot send post office from your WordPress page

To send emails from a WordPress page seems a simple task but many companies of lodging lie down to restrict our spaces Web of such form that cannot do something that leaves the normal thing.

One assumes mainly that to send post office is a basic necessity for a webpage but until that it usually they limit, if we have contracted a lodging plan excessively cheap.

When we created webpages always we found limitations in the lodgings of the clients and in this case the restriction of shipment of post office prevents us to have operative a contact form so that our users can send messages to us from the Web.

We have found a very interesting solution through plugin call WP Mail smtp that allows us to form WordPress so that it sends all the post office by means of smtp instead of to send them by means of the function mail of PHP that uses the agent of mail predetermined in Linux, that usually is Sendmail, QMail, etc. Shipment smtp usually is allowed in practically all the plans of hosting because it reduces very many the possibilities of making Spam, that it is what the lodging companies want to avoid.

It installs this plugin, it forms the parameters of your account smtp and all you will have it ready and without problems!


I need a consulting SEO: How it can help to increase the visits of my Web?

I need a consulting SEO: How it can help to increase the visits of my Web?

The paper of the consulting SEO to increase to the visits of a Web or blog

You know clearly the necessity to bet by Internet but you do not know perhaps how to do it and you do not even know if really you need it because you do not know if your page well is positioned in finders, if it has visits, etc. In order to shed light in this sea of darkness the figure of the consulting SEO exists.

What goes to do a professional of this profile is to analyze the type of company that you have, products, services, geographic location, is present in social networks, the competition and other factors.

With all this information he will value your presence in Internet and soon he will determine if your present page represents correct and positively to your company and products/offered services.

In that point he will verify himself if the present page has tools to work the SEO or if it is necessary to migrate it towards a tool optimized for SEO as it can be WordPress.

It is necessary to consider very present and, that the work of a strategy SEO is realised mainly on the webpage of the company, not being been so necessary the external activities.

Main to pound SEO: The publication of contents

One of the main pillars of any strategy SEO it is the publication of contents. First that there is to decide it is who will publish the content. In this case there are two options: the company or a specialistic SEO. Most advisable it is than the content is created by the company because the nobody will be best one to speak on the services/products offered by the same. For example: we have a company of the industrial sector that dedicates to the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic hammers. To the thematic being a so technical specialistic SEO will not be able to make a so precise work in the writing and direction of texts since the own company would do it. This is our recommendation, but it is necessary to understand that if the company does not have time to write up those contents will have to make position a specialist in SEO.

Do the social networks help in the SEO?

Another aspect important to work the SEO is the entailment towards social networks. The work in social networks depends much on the type of client. There are them have personnel with capacity to administer the social networks and in other cases they do not have resources to manage them and they prefer anybody external one. The ideal is that the social networks work specifically independent and, one to one, since they require a different publication strategy. If you do not have time to work or the networks or you do not want to dedicate it, another solution, the less good exists, that it consists of publishing in the social networks articles of the blog of semi-automatic form.

Since you see, the social networks participate in the SEO acting as diffusion platform. In any case, if the work in social networks is to you very complicated or distant or you are not wanted to complicate, it is better than you are not present in them because there is nothing no worse than to have a left social profile. In this case center to you in working your blog and webpage and placing some social bellboys so that any article of your blog it can share the people who use social networks. These bellboys of whom we spoke are for the others, not for same you, that is to say, that you will not need to have open page of company in each social network.

SEO and SEM: they make good pair?

The work of a campaign SEO sometimes goes accompanied of a SEM campaign, mainly in the home. There are companies that a home stops contract a AdWords campaign that reinforces the work that becomes in the blog.

These are some of the workings or areas on which usually it works a consulting SEO. If you are going to contract one so that it tries to increase the traffic in your Web you would have to request positioning references to him, it will be able to serve to you for knowing if that person has been able to position other clients correctly.

A consulting can SEO guarantee results?

An expert in SEO cannot guarantee the results to you that you want, of appearing on the front page of results or the first positions. The work of this technician depends on the work of the others, especially of Google, that is changing its algorithm search almost monthly. Therefore, you must trust a person who presents a coherent exposition, suitable the type of company that you have, somebody that says €œthe results to you are obtained in the long term€¦ €œ, therefore it flees from professionals who guarantee to you to be on the front page in some weeks!

It is so difficult to be on the front page of finders?

Yes, he is something that correctly obtains with a work of tip and shovel, writing contained in your Web and labeling them, we spoke of many months of work. It thinks that just as you are many more companies, than already they are on the front page and they have been more time in operation and positioning, therefore, she does not have to be so easy to snatch that predominance to them.

The key of a good consultant SEO is that it makes things in your page that do not make the others to be able to surpass to them. Aside from this, never you entrust yourself in which says to you that it will put to you on the front page of results and in addition in just a short time.


Training WordPress Madrid

Training WordPress Madrid

Formation WordPress Madrid

You need a training expert WordPress in your office that teaches to you or to your employees to administer your blog and to improve the SEO?

In Ecs-Technology we offer this exclusive service of at home totally customized formation in WordPress for companies of the Community of Madrid.

WordPress formation for nascent

The objective is to train people who have ofim¡ticos knowledge in order that they can maintain and update the blog or the Web of the company, learning to write contents oriented to the SEO, to extend the functionalities of the Web by means of plugins, to form the technical aspects of the page, to create new sections, to update and to optimize images, etc.

WordPress formation distributed by a developer that has made tens of webpages and blogs

All this you a qualified one will count it highly training, in fact one will do it of our experience developers who is expert in WordPress, SEO, development and architecture Web, PHP/MySQL programming, Javascript, model-making and design HTML5/CSS3. The nobody best one than an expert with good comunicativas dowries to explain to you what you want on your WordPress page. What others have taken weeks in learning you will do it in a matter of minutes because you will not have to experiment, to test or to find out which is the best option for a concrete problem, all you will give it fact and you our expert will count it.

In addition this type to formation is so customized that he is directly made on your webpage and the subject that you have installed. All we know that each subject is a world, is administered of a completely different form and this adds to complexity to the work of creation and management of contents in your page enough. For that reason we taught to you to update contents directly on your installation to give the maximum possible personalisation you. They will not serve other generic scenes to you, never you will deepen the sufficient thing if beams generic WordPress formation, you will not see anything just as the applied formation the reality of your company and on your situated Web.

Formation of quality, customized, actual and exclusive

As you will be able to imagine this service is of quality, very customized and exclusive, he is not economic, that is not thought for wants to spend little money but for which it wants to handle a oriented enterprise tool to the SEO and to secure to more visitors Web than they become potential clients. This will bring important benefits to you, implies to improve your business, to harness the image of your company, to exceed to your competition and to be positioned correctly in finders, for that reason this type of formation is not economic.

Therefore if your resources are limited you can look for some gratuitous course or cheap on WordPress but you do not hope to become a professional of this publication tool, take it to you as an funny liking to do in free short whiles.

Another reason by that this type of formation is not economic is because the training one will go directly to your office so that you do not have to waste that time of displacement, mainly if what you want is to train several people simultaneously. This we raised it thus because our objective is that your company is productive, not only at the time of working with WordPress but also at the time of receiving the formation.

Prices and tariffs of the customized formation WordPress for companies of Madrid

[alert type=€ info€ close=€ false€] the present price of this service is of 45‚¬/h [/alert]

If you are interested in our supply of formation contacts with us.

How to transfer or to migrate a Prestashop store of localhost to a servant online

How to transfer or to migrate a Prestashop store of localhost to a servant online

To make a Prestashop migration of local surroundings to real surroundings of production (online) is something relatively simple but in no tutorial they explain to you what to do if all fault, something that usually happens to relative frequency.

After reading many tutorial ones on this process I decided to write this article that concentrates in how to detect, to monitor and to solve the most common problems that usually they appear once we finish the migration process.

This tutorial has been created on a store Prestashop installed in local, Mac using MAMP Server and a servant of production of quality but quite restrictive surroundings as usually it offers the company of Hostspain lodging.

This process that I am going to explain is valid for a migration in both felt: local->online and online->local

Migration of Prestashop from localhost to a servant online

It is necessary to begin by the principle and for it we are going to explain step by step that we must follow to realise the migration. The scene is the following one:

  • Local servant: Our developing store is installed in the /localhost/tienda route, where localhost would be the local domain and lies down a subdirectory.
  • Servant online: Our store online will be in

We begin with the migration:

  1. We accede to back office of our local store, go to Preferences, Maintenance and we put the store in way maintenance, selecting option no. We kept.
  2. We export the local data base acceding to phpMyAdmin. We will choose a complete export towards a file.
  3. Now we go to the servant online and we created a new data base acceding to the Control Panel of our lodging. Soon we concerned the data base of the previous point in our servant online using phpMyAdmin.
  4. We connect by FTP to our servant online with a client FTP as it can be FileZilla and copied (upload) all the archives and folders from our local store towards the root directory of the servant online.
    [alert type=€ warning€ close=€ true€] EYE! Perhaps when archives by FTP are copied sometimes do not copy the totality of the archives and folders, it agrees to review this by far well-taken care of. This it warning because in an occasion I had to make the inverse process (to migrate a Prestashop online to local surroundings) and when unloading the archives and folders I verified that they were not all, especially the product images stored in the /img/p directory. The problem was that FileZilla did not detect the complete structure of folders yes/archives but PHP, I solved it creating script PHP that packed all the archives/folders of Prestashop in an only file that was the one that unloaded to me. Normally from PHP yes the complete structure of archives of a directory can be read correctly, without it lacks nothing. [/alert]
  5. In the servant online it is necessary to publish the /config/ file to assign the constants related to the data base:
    it defines (€˜_DB_SERVER_€™, €˜** my servant of YOU, usually is localhost €˜);
    it defines (€˜_DB_NAME_€™, €˜** name of YOU ** €˜);
    it defines (€˜usuary _DB_USER_€™, €˜** of YOU **€™);
    it defines (€˜_DB_PASSWD_€™, €˜** password of YOU **€™);
  6. Arrived at this point our store still it does not work because the file .htaccess located in the root continues aiming at the old routes (localhost/lies down), nevertheless yes that we will be able to enter the zone of administration.
  7. We enter back office of the servant online, go to Preferences, SEO & URLs, we looked for the three fields related to the domain, put following the values and we punctured To keep:
    Domain of the store:
    Domain SSL:
    Root directory: /
  8. More down we punctured the button To generate the robots.txt file, that will be in charge to generate the file .htaccess and robots.txt.
  9. According to what it says the official documents of Prestashop (in my case it was not necessary) is necessary to take the following step: We connect by FTP the servant online and erased all the files except for index.php of the directories:
  10. We go to Preferences, Maintenance and we activated the store leaving the way maintenance.
  11. Arrived at this point the store it would have to work, tries to accede to to see what it happens. In my case it did not work and if the same happens to you it happens to the following section.

Problems that can appear finalized the migration once

The servers online usually have important restrictions in everything what he talks about to security, privileges, shown of errors, volume of information. This often leaves us in a dark room in which there is to find the exit. The production surroundings usually do not show the errors that can throw PHP, Apache or MySQL, which lets very complicated know what and where it is failing. Some companies of lodging form their servers to keep the PHP/MySQL/Apache errors in some .log file to which not always we can accede.

We return to the example from before: in my case the Prestashop migration did not work. What we can do if it fails the store and it appears to us a page in target or a message internal Error€¦ that does not give any type us of information? We are going to do the following thing:

  1. We are going to activate the way debug or development in our store online. We publish the /config/ file and we put the value true in constant _PS_MODE_DEV_. With this we are saying to Prestashop that shows all the errors of PHP, which is going to be decisive to detect the origin of the problem. We must remember to put this value in false once we have finished everything and the store is working!
  2. We return to prove the store and if it continues appearing the page in target is because they are continued hiding errors PHP although they are taking place, for which we will take the following steps.
  3. We publish the file .htaccess by the root of our servant online and add the following lines at the outset:
    php_flag log_errors on
    php_value error_log /home/mitienda/public_html/log/errores_php.log
    This route must be the appropriate one according to our case, if we do not know which is we can find out creating it a file info.php in the root of our servant online who contains the following thing:
    <? php I throw getcwd (); >
    Soon we executed this script putting in navigator and it will show to the complete physical route of our directory Web root to us. Once we know the route we must eliminate this script.
  4. Now we proved our store and will continue appearing the page in target because it continues failing, but everything has gone well will be being been generating an error PHP that is being stored in the /log/errores_php.log file of the servant online. If we opened that file from FileZilla we will see what module or what script is generating the error. S.A. to accede to the /log/ directory we see that the errores_php.log file does not exist probably is because the lodging company does not allow that we include the directives php_flag and php_value within our file .htaccess. In this case we cannot do nothing concerning configuration and we will have to speak with the lodging company to tell them that they activate log and they place them in a route to which we can accede to consult them.
  5. Finally you must have obtained, of one or the other form, to consult happy the .log of PHP to know what errors are taking place in your store. In my case I verified that the problem was that four modules were not working correctly, were using the routes of the local store instead of the routes of the store online. This I solved it very easily deactivating those four modules and returning them to activate. Of that form they were reshaped, already you know, this is as Windows, if something fails€¦. it reinitiates!

Some possible problems€¦

  • In one of the occasions that I have put in practice this method took place a failure by the cache system. In the origin servant XCache was using and the destiny servant did not support it. In order to solve I published it the /config/ file and I deactivated the cache putting constant _PS_CACHE_ENABLED_ with a value of €˜0 €˜