The first that you must consider to renew your webpage is if you want to make adjustments or you want to create it completely new.

Tenth this to create it new because there are many companies that still have pages done in Flash which they are not possible to be updated and is more profitable to do them from zero with WordPress, thus you will be able to renew it, to adapt it movable and to have a manager of contents. This option will allow you to enjoy a sensational design of group of the existing hundreds in the market, you can here see some. We recommended to you to create the webpage from zero if she is old or it is done in Flash or you cannot update it, here we let orientative prices to you to create an economic Web.

In case of wanting to make only some adjustments of design you must go to a developer Web so that it helps you in these tasks, contacts with us if you need help on the matter. A first that will ask to you designer Web is the access to the Control Panel WordPress. We advised to you that you change to the password and the DES, when has finished the work you return to place the one that you had at the outset.