Support webpageSupport for your webpage, it is really necessary? In my opinion yes, mainly if your page is the reflection of your professional or enterprise activity.

The support Web we in the heat of offer it to many independent companies and that want to have their, up-to-date watched, well-taken care of webpage and operation. Those that understands that its page not only is a calling card, if means of interaction with the users do not understand the importance of having anybody is in charge to watch it and to maintain it.

In our work of support we advised to our client on any aspect of content, technician or positioning on his page. In addition we realised monitoring workings so that it does not fail at any moment and if it happens that we are first in knowing the problem to solve it as rapidly as possible. Also we were in charge to publish content, to create banners, to trim images, backup copies and the problematic updates in CMS as WordPress.

If you want to know more details of this service puncture this connection.