If they have hackeado to you a WordPress site or is had broken by any other reason will come to you well to return to step on all the files to assure to you that they are clean and does not lack no.

There are two forms to find out the version of a WordPress installation, one looking for in a file, another one looking for in the data base that will come to you very well for when you cannot use the first method.

1) Finding out the version of WordPress from the file system.

It opens the /wp-includes/version.php file and in forward edge of code you will see the version, will be something similar to this:

<? php
* The WordPress version string
* @global string $wp_version
$wp_version = €˜4.4.7€™;

2. Finding out the version of WordPress from the data base.

In order to accede to the data base we needed phpMyAdmin, this tool will be available from the Control Panel of your lodging, thence you will have to be able to open the data base of your WordPress. Once you are within phpMyAdmin you must go to the table wp_options. From this table you must look for a row of data whose option_name is db_version, for it you can order the rows by columa option_name, of ascending form and will see this row in the first or second page.

When you find the row you see something as this, fix you to the value that has db_version, puts 35700:

Now that we know that value we can go to the page of versions of WordPress to find out to which it corresponds, punctures this connection. There you will see a list of versions and it is only necessary search value 35700, fixes you to the image. In this case you will see that there are several WordPress versions that use the same basic version of data 35700, from the 4,4 to the 4.4.7, this means that all those WordPress versions use the same data base, without making changes in their scheme, therefore anyone of those versions can serve to you.