Surely sometimes you have used a platform of massive shipment of post office as Mailchimp or similar to send to newsletter or bulletin and you have not been able to use the email groups that come built-in so that you have not liked or they did not adapt to your necessity. In those cases the best thing is to design the email group to size, adapted to the image of your company or activity.

To create customized email

To create a customized group of email is not far from easy, requires knowledge of HTML4, HTML5, CSS3, average queries and other €œtechnical devices€ to create a design that is attractive at the same time as it works in all the possible destinies:

  • Clients of mail as Outloot in its different versions, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc.
  • Other clients of mail as Thunderbird, Mail of Mac, etc.
  • Clients of mail of devices as EMail and Outlook de Android, Mail of iOS, etc.
  • Clients webmail as gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.

As you will be able to deduce to create an email design to size supposes a great challenge because there is testearlo in all the indicated destinies above to verify that it visualizes correctly and that nobody will have problems to read our email.

In addition the design must be responsive, that is to say, must adapt to narrow screens of reasons.

By these reasons the best thing is than you order to a professional the design of these groups of email. If you are interested in this service you can contact with us, in the photo of above you can see an example of a recent work.