More in one go you will have felt a rage and extraordinary impotence when finding out that your website has fallen, has stopped working without apparent explanation. The worse thing is than you it has shelp a third party to it, perhaps a client who wanted to enter your page to know your company and services. Not only you are bad if that in addition you transmit an image of not having control does not exceed what it happens in your company, in this case your website. He is something that happens with certain frequency and especially affects to sites critics as stores online, pages with AdWords campaigns, sites of high traffic, etc.

For your tranquillity we have developed plugin gratuitous that detects falls of your WordPress site and it warns to you by email when this happens, you can unload it from this connection or to install directly from your Control Panel WordPress, in Adding new plugin, you look for €œMaintenance Web€ and you will see plugin created by Ecs-Technology (Carlos Doral).

This plugin sends a signal to your WordPress every 5 minutes and if it does not respond the tool sends an email to you so that you know it from minute zero of the fall of the service.

How can plugin detect the fall of my WordPress if it has stopped working?

Very simple, the detection of fall of the service becomes outside your Web, is sent from our servant so that if we did it from your WordPress installation it would not work!

You want a service of monitoring and maintenance of your WordPress by experts? Consultation our plans of maintenance.