In this article we are going to you to inform on prices and costs to create a store online, but first of all we are going to give some fundamental advice to you before embarking you in a project of this type.

Election of the tool to create the store online

You never order a store to size, never! At present gratuitous virtual stores exist online ordeveloped by expert programmers, very extended and tried, with support and total guarantee. These stores have infinity of functions, in addition they are expandable, you will have everything what your store needs and if you require something special is possible to size to be programmed a module for this concrete task.

To order a development to size is very complex, is the ideal solution when your store is very specific and it cannot be realised with tools standard, but this is very rare that it takes place. Many great companies use these tools standard as Prestashop, Magento or osCommerce. The disadvantages to create a store to size are the following:

  • The cost is of to twenty-six times greater.
  • You will be tied to that company facing the maintenance and possible extensions.
  • The cost of maintenance and extensions is much greater than with a standard store.
  • If the company closes€¦ what you will do? Who will maintain the store to add new functions?
  • If by the previous reason or another one you do not want to continue working with the company, you must have the source code, the accesses and all the necessary one to try to do the maintenance contracting another professional or company. This crossing of €˜papers€™ usually is painful and are times that no programmer wants it to make because to continue the programming that have made other people usually is very difficult and an ungrateful task.

By all this he is better to be tied to a standard tool and not to a company, since those tools can maintain any professional to them who dedicates himself to it and not an only company.

Also it is necessary to consider that a standard, or implanted tool and with a community of 150,000 users as it is the case of Prestashop, is more difficult than takes it the wind and yes it is the more easy that a development company ends up closing or leaving a product.

In addition, it is easier to obtain an expert in stores who is not 100% programmer, since he is not going to create the store programming, if not implementing and forming Control Panels of visual form and to find professionals it is easier.

Another one of the advantages to use a standard store is that the store it can create an independent professional, an only person, rarely they make lack two or three people who are what she would offer a company to you with personnel in group.

We created stores online using Prestashop, that in our opinion, is the tool that greater balance offers between functionality and ease of use for the user nontechnician.

How much cost does a store online?

10 years ago the most basic stores ‚¬ cost orders them a minimum of 6,000.

We at present are offering stores that oscillate between 800 and 1300‚¬, here you can see the information.