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It seems a question complicated to respond but in this article we are going to give to the necessary keys and all the data to you so that you can know how much self-managementable in 2020 would cost to create a professional Web, with blog, adapted to mobiles, tablets and what functions must have in relation to their price.

In order to understand how much it costs a webpage it is necessary to go step by step, mainly if you are a user nontechnician. It remembers that not always more cheap he is the best thing, sometimes more expensive webpages turn out to be economic and functional.

To order a webpage is not as buying a car or a mobile phone. We are buying a service with which we try to start up our business online. It is especially important if we want to use our page for strategies of marketing online, campaigns of publicity, to sell by Internet or to obtain traffic by means of search engine optimization.

That type of webpage I need?

The best recommendation than we can give you is that you do not make a Web to size, or rather, from zero. Years ago that was the only form of work and the costs did not lower of 2,000 Euros but now the webpages are realised using a gratuitous manager of contents, as WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, etc. the good thing of the CMS or content managers are that they allow you to use a group design, which lowers the price of the project enormously to realise. The group designs of which we spoke are of premium type and professional, they have the best design and functions than you can find in the market.

If you use a design of group and a standard CMS as WordPress your page never remains short, at the moment 30,000 exist more than plugins gratuitous ready to unload and to use. In addition you will have blog and optimization SEO.

Exist do Webs of 100 Euros or 200 Euros? What functions must have?

We are very flexible and very have variable prices Web since we want we arrived at an ample fan of users. Our prices oscillate from 149 Euros, 549 Euros and upwards, you have all the information here or if you prefer it you can go directly to the different supplies:

The amount varies based on how many pages it is necessary to design, the amount of hours dedicated to personalize the design, if you want that we are going to visit to you, etc. we recommended to You that you realise your Web on WordPress, the best CMS of the moment, gratuitous and more surely.

The pages that cost more money what can add?

In our case, the most expensive pages contribute to major amount of hours in design, that causes that your page is more attractive and professional. To buy a more expensive Web will guarantee a greater elaboration in the design Web, your page will be more attractive, professional and elegant, fundamental if you have company or business online.

Much people ask if in WordPress Web can be obtained to a design to size, customized, as usually she says herself €œwithout group€. By all means, in fact a group to size for your WordPress installation can be created, is the best thing if you totally want something done to your measurement.

What option agrees to me more?

If what you want it is an enterprise simple design and to spend little money we recommended to you that you choose our Professional Web. If on the contrary you want to have a more customized design, than he has a certain agreed aesthetic line to the image of your company we recommended the Web Outpost that assumes is more expensive, although tenth we whom most expensive he does not have to be most expensive, most expensive are to order a cheap Web and that soon does not serve to its assignment.

Which is the monthly cost of a Web?

A Web needs a domain, for example miempresa.com that comes to cost some 10-15‚¬ to the year. Also it is necessary hosting or lodging, that consists of a servant where your page will be working 24 hours to the day. If it interests something cheap you can contract an not administered standard lodging to you, it can go up to around about 5 Euros to the month, but you must know that they are only in charge of the servant, not of the page, if there is some incidence with this one you must solve it you yourself. For that reason most recommendable and professional it is to have a lodging administered as that we offer, we were in charge of the servant and of the page, we monitored it so that one does not fall, we watched the security, we took care of it and we give specific support you, this service costs 19 Euros to the monthyou have more information here. It can seem more expensive to pay 5 Euros to the month but he is not the same, with the cheap price you have only hosting and with the one of 19 in addition you have a maintenance, you have more service.

What paper has the SEO in all this?

price webpage wordpress

In our case if you choose a Web Landing, Professional or Premium Web you do not worry because when being realised in WordPress it could be optimized for SEO. What yes we advised to you warmly is that you contract to a campaign SEO with us or any professional to realise creation and the home of contents SEO in order that positions in finders more above possible.


What optional services can interest to me?

In Ecs-Technology we offer a series of optional packages with the following prices:

  • Campaign initial SEO outpost, 279‚¬. We realise SEO for five keyword, analysis of the competition, geographic location, tendencies, etc.
  • To adapt the Web to another language, 149‚¬. We adapt the Web to another language talking back the same structure and contents. In this price it is not including the cost of the translation. This price includes a maximum of 10 pages.
  • Formation in video to learn to administer the page, 119‚¬. We record numerous formative videos of short duration directly in your page to teach to you to update the contents: how to publish the news, to change images, to form home, etc. These videos are accustomed to about 12 or 15 and the total duration is of approximately 25 minutes.
  • Actual formation to learn to administer the page. We give actual formation you in your office (50‚¬/h) or ours (45‚¬/h) to teach to you to update the contents of your Web: how to publish the news, to change images, advice on contents, SEO and other interesting aspects. This course can last between 3 and 5 hours based on which it interests to you to deepen in the tool.

You want you know how much costs to create ecommerce? Here we left this article you that surely will help you. You will see two types of ecommerce, one in WordPress with Woocommerce, that is the best option if your sale is simple, and another more expensive option under surroundings Prestashop, advanced and much more complex a type of ecommerce.

Who my webpage can design me? An agency or a freelance designer?

price webpageThis is as everything, depends on the professionalism that can contribute one of them. There is nothing as to request access to the portfolio to see the works carried out by both.

WordPress agency or an agency of design Web generally almost with total security will have some higher prices, must assume majors costs in its business, employees, office, etc.

On the other hand, a designer freelance Web has a fit economy, therefore their prices can at first be cheaper.

What usually one thinks of everyone is that the agency can offer major credibility and guarantee of good execution of the work, in comparison with a freelance developer. Nevertheless this does not have why to be thus. We have seen quite often as the agency contracted the freelance designer to carry out the work and they acted as mere intermediaries. In other cases we have seen as the agency carried out the work with its personnel in group, logically is not the same.

Our opinion in this sense is very clear. The price of the webpage you are going to pay it a single time and possibly with time you will not remember how much you phelp. Then€¦ what is what matters? The final result. Your page must be professional, with a good design, architecture, that it is easy to update and that is used for many years, that are apt for search engine optimization.

It requests references, finally fixes you to the works carried out and€¦. trust to you in your instinct.