How much cost the monthly, annual does maintenance or for hours of a webpage in the 2019? It would have to be the same in Madrid that in other provinces? It is possible to contract it per hours? Which are the prices and orientativas tariffs?

These are the questions more habitual than the companies and businesses usually become online that have a webpage and need to make updates and tasks of maintenance with regularity, as design adjustments, to change images, to discharge from the hospital articles or the news, to update products in stores online, optimizations SEO, to modify data of contact, etc.

How to know if your webpage needs maintenance?

Many companies, as much of Madrid as of other places of Spain, ask to us if it is really necessary to make maintenance to his webpage. Next we are going to you to exhibit all the possible scenes, there you will be able to analyze which is your situation and you will be able to decide if it is forced to maintain your webpage. Soon we will explain the different formats from maintenance hiring so that you know which adapts better to your company.

We are going to give to you some instructionses so that you can find out if your webpage really needs a maintenance according to the type page.

Webpage in HTML, statics

In principle you do not need maintenance so that the content of the page does not change, is always the same. There is data base no in this type of pages, only files in the directory Web. In this case to only we advised you that you have a backup copy unloaded in your computer in case someday it passes €œsomething€ with your servant.

Webpage in HTML, dynamics

This scene is not seen quite often although we have some clients in this situation. One is designed websites in HTML but where it is necessary to modify content very from time to time. That content is necessary to modify it by hand, publishing HTML so that a manager of contents nor a data base does not exist. In this case the best thing is to contract an precise service per hours, or maintenance per hours. If the number of interventions were very regular yes would be recommendable to pay a monthly payment with flat fee. It dates account that whenever it modifies the content of your webpage would have to be realised a backup copy to always have the last version of the content of your site.

WordPres webpage

In this case without a doubt yes you must realise a maintenance Web. Although your WordPress site I do not touch it, you do not update, you do not change it content, a lazy WordPress installation €œby chance€ will be source of problems sooner or later. WordPress is complex surroundings, uses HTML, PHP and data base. In addition one is made up of hundreds of modules realised by different programmers who are publishing new versions constamente to correct errors and openings of security. A WordPress page left or will stop working or will be hackeada, is time question. Our recommendation is that you make a oriented maintenance update theme, plugins and Core of WordPress.

Webpage Joomla or Prestashop

Idem that with WordPress, is exactly the same situation. Yes or yes you must realise a maintenance.

Maintenance monthly, annual Web, for hours: prices and types on watch

plans maintenance Web

At the time of realising a maintenance Web we must differentiate between the maintenance and the one from contents.

The maintenance consists of monitoring and updating the servant, the CMS and its modules, once in a while to verify that the page are active, to make backup copies, anthacking and security, etc. The maintenance requires regular, daily, weekly and monthly an action.

On the other hand we have the maintenance of contents that is oriented to publish contents or to update the already existing ones. The frequency of this service depends on with what frequency is generated and published content.

Three ways exist to make the maintenance of a webpage or a blog as we explained to you next.

Maintenance by means of monthly payment, with orientative commitment, prices

The monthly payment for a maintenance service usually includes a series of regular tasks: Monitoring of the page, backup copies and updates if one is a CMS as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop.

In some cases this service usually includes one hours to the month to carry out works in the page to demand of the client. This price per hour would have to be economic than if loose hours were contracted.

Normally this type of quota takes associate a permanence that can be 3 months, 6 or a year. The permanence would have to allow that economic the monthly hours were something for the client.

The price of a monthly maintenance would have to make the rounds upwards between 30 Euros. If it had two hours to the month it could go up to around the 60 or 70 Euros.

Maintenance annual Web, with commitment, prices and tariffs

Normally usually one does not contract an annual maintenance since it would imply to pay a very high amount of blow. Supposing that we contract a maintenance of 50‚¬/mes it would be necessary to pay 600‚¬ when contracting the service since the maintenances usually are phelp in advance.

When yes usually it is realised an annual payment is when contract the lodging Web, yes has more feeling there because they are smaller amounts.

Maintenance precise Web or per hours, without commitment, prices and costs

In certain cases as which we have explained previously, he is advisable to contract loose hours, of precise form, by means of bonds or packages of hours.

The price of one hour in quota usually has a price economic than the price per loose hour, is reasonable.

The prices that are manejran in this sense would have upwards to be of 25 Euros, based on the quality of the service. It seems important to us to emphasize the quality so that often we thought only about an economic and cheap price, without considering other important factors. If a programmer very economic Web touches our webpage of incorrect form can create a technical problem, of positioning SEO or security. For us the term quality is a combination of: Years of experience, agility, creativity search solutions and desire to make the things good.

To pay a monthly payment is interesting when the client has regular work that to offer to the programmer who goes away to make position of the maintenance of his webpage, whereas the precise payment or per hours interests when the tasks to realise are sporadic.

Another type of maintenances: Hosting, e-mail and domains.

it happens to us quite often that some clients contract not to need to maintain the webpage to us if not to maintain all that with hosting, post office and domains. To handle all this requires technical knowledge and for a business or company it does not have nothing else comfortable as delegating it to a professional so that it is in charge of all this.

We offer hosting and we were in charge of which the webpage is in the best possible conditions. We do the same with the accounts of e-mail and the management of domains.

In the end what it needs a company or business is support, somebody in that to trust that position becomes of all the technical aspects related to Internet.

If you are interested here you can see our plans of maintenance.