It is possible to clean wordpress hackeado? Luckily€¦. yes it is possible!

A WordPress hackeado can be cleaned but technical knowledge are required. Normally the process consists of stepping on the archives of the WordPress application by some new, thus we guaranteed that all our WordPress archives will be clean. It is necessary to consider the version not to sobrewrite mistaken files!

It is necessary to do the same with plugins and theme, in this case can be more complicated if you have published some of the archives of the subject to make personalisations css or php.

The data base also is necessary to review it to eliminate registries that even have trash or Data Cells.

In order to finish and so that it does not return to you to happen our recommendation he is that you install Wordfence, plugin gratuitous quite good that it will maintain your installation out of danger. It is important to know how to form this plugin suitably so that he is effective, if you need help, gave it to us!

In case you do not know it, if metheglins your Web in our servant we become position of the security of your WordPress, if they hackean it we disinfected it free of charge, here you have more information.