What is and how much cost does the maintenance Web?

Qué is and cuánto costs the maintenance Web

Many companies, businesses online and entrepreneurs initiate their walking in Internet without technical knowledge, since it is impossible to know of everything. Some have webpage and others create a new one resorting to a designer Web or company of design Web.

But, once you have your webpage€¦ there is matenenerla? What happens if not it beams, it can have consequences? Of what prices and costs we are speaking? Is the same a maintenance of 20‚¬ that another one of 50‚¬? I have to save or search a service cheap? It is necessary to be a specialist in the matter?

In this article we are going to you to explain everything what would have to entail a maintenance service Web, what tasks, what technical areas are due to cover as minimum, what budgets are reasonable and if it is really necessary that you contract a maintenance for your webpage with the purpose of to improve the presence of your business online.

Really is necessary a maintenance Web?

It imagines that a person visits your website and is it neglecting, left, with the old news, a design old Web, from the mobile are visualization errors€¦ what confidence transmits a site thus? You would contract the service of a company that has a so precarious image?

A maintenance is really necessary WebTo have webpage implies to maintain cleans it, ordinate, because you are in a great showcase that is Internet, not only you will transmit a good or bad image of your business if not that your competition also does and perhaps better that you. It scares the cost or tariffs to You that can entail a maintenance Web? It is not for as much€¦

It remembers, don't mention it serves to have created, developed and designed an attractive and professional website if one does not stay, improvement and updates. It requests budget, it speaks with a specialist, the costs of nowadays are very feasible, you will save money and win in tranquillity.

Therefore and in response to the question on if it is really necessary a maintenance Web we can tell you that it depends if you consider your webpage important.

We speak with clients who think that yes its webpage is important so that they know clearly that it is first that is going to find out of you a possible client, it hasn't happened to you sometimes? You are looking for a gardener in your locality, or a company of reforms, or any other specialist and the first who beams are to visit her webpage and image that she transmits to you will condition your decision to contract the service, sometimes, independent of the cost or prices that can have.

The maintenance Web is a key piece so that your website is well-taken care of and transmits a correct image of your company. Under our point of view, to want to lower the price of or to save costs can give problems you and to make it you yourself instead of resort to specialists can bring about serious problems to you.

Nowadays the webpages are very complex, have files, data bases, are gears created by different developers Web, everything must fit and be synchronous, for that reason the updates are important.

What would have to include a maintenance service Web?

Qué debería to include a maintenance service WebSo that a maintenance Web is professional, of carried out quality and by specialists in the matter it would have to include the following areas:

  • Constant monitoring. There are tools that allow to detect falls of your page, if they stop working, by a problem in the page or the servant. We used this type of systems, every 5 minutes we sent a signal to your website, if he does not respond we take part and we solve the incidence. The important thing is to detecar these falls and that you do not find out by a visitor who your page has stopped working.
  • Security. The pages of nowadays are attacked constantly by hackers and robots. The service of security must be carried out by especialiastas, must include a periodic monitoring that warns if aparace a new vulnerability to us. In case of hackeo, intrusion, malware or virus are necessary to come to disinfect, in our case this action are gratuitous, do not have cost for the client.
  • Optimization of the servant and the page. Both elements are fundamental so that your Web loaded fast, without delays, thus we avoided abandonments on the part of the visitor.
  • Update of contents. To update the content of the page, or are texts, photos, elements of design Web, to add new functions, to change prices of products in stores online Woocommerce or Prestashop, etc.
  • Backup copies. They In an external servant are due to realise daily backup copies, minimum and to store during at least 7 days. In our case we kept them during 30 days so that sometimes problems beyond the 7 habitual days in the companies are detected of hosting.
  • Improvements search engine optimization SEO. This task consists of optimizing labels, contents, images, detecting broken connections, problems in the robots, sitemaps, etc. This task is very technical and affects on sale of your products or services, only can make it a specialistic SEO.
  • Customized and telephone support. Nobody wants to happen through call to center nor through a system of ticketing to request help. We must mainly have a specialist to which to call by telephone, that already knows our project, with which it is easy to speak, that we do not have to tell him who we are, which is our page, and that speaks to a language nontechnician so that we understand his explanations.
  • Updates of software. If your page is perhaps WordPress you have taken to some scare when applying you yourself the updates. It is marshy land, you be done case, this task must be in professional and specialistic hands WordPress.
  • Monthly information. He is very recommendable that the specialist at issue issues some type of periodic report indicating the activities of maintenance realised in your webpage.

In this service and as in any other, the best thing is than you request several budgets, that you compare and lets to you guide by the sensation that the person has transmitted you whom you have asked it.

budget maintenance Web

What advantages must contract the maintenance of a webpage?

To go to specialists so that they maintain your webpage is fundamental to save time and money. Somebody with much experience will detect the problems in time, will even be able to be anticipated.

A webpage is your better commercial one in Internet, takes care of it, beam that always works to total yield so that your campaigns of publicity or strategies of marketing online do not stop under any circumstance.

The advantages to contract to a maintenance service professional Web are:

Advantage 1. To save time and money

To maintain a website implies to enter the mud, to lower to the trench, without experience can become a Calvary. If to raise a photo you must be 30 minutes trimming it and passing filters with Photoshop, to lower it to him of weight and to renombrar the file you are spending a very valuable and intangible money: your time.

To install a certificate SSL, to update your WordPress, to form an e-mail account, are only some examples of maintenance tasks that you can do but it is going to much more take time to you that to a professional who does on a daily basis. Furthermore, what happens if something leaves bad? you have a plan B? you know to back down the conducted battle? Perhaps if you d¡ badly you lose information of irreversible form.

Advantage 2. To dedicate you to your business

Your objective is your company, your business, your physical store if you have it, your services and your clients. All this is to which you must spend time so that if it beams your company will not advance. It leaves to the technical Web and problems to an expert Web.

Advantage 3. It receives help of professionals, customized form

maintenance Web

There is nothing as to call to a telephone to ask to help or to make a consultation, always to the same people, without happening through call to center, opening a ticket of support, systems very used nowadays but cold and impersonal that are as a lottery, according to that touches to you will take care of to you better or worse.

We offer a telephone, will almost always take care of the same person to you, who already knows you and your project, you do not have to him to return to explain everything.

Here you have information on WordPress Support.

Advantage 4. The tranquillity of which your webpage is watched at any moment

If you deal with professionals and contracts a company dedicated to the maintenance Web and support have a method of correct work, your page will be monitored 24h, in constant monitoring and will take part at the moment that something fails without you must raise the telephone.

Advantage 5. To be to the last one in Internet

The good thing for dealing with specialists in Internet and webpages is that we are to last in technologies the Web, new tendencies, security, hosting, etc. If there is something you must know we will say it to you, without having search it or informing you by your account.

Advantage 6. It receives help for the Web and the e-mail.

A maintenance service not only must concentrate in the webpage, also in the e-mail. In fact this service usually has more complexity and incidence than a webpage. Many of our clients need support for configuration Outlook accounts, Thunderbird, in mobiles and tablets Android, iOS.

On the other hand the service of e-mail has problematic that there is to try. For example if beams a massive mailing, block your domain or your IP, if your contacts do not receive your post office or are bounced, if there are attacks of ramsonware, pishing, Spam, etc. Is a wild forest and dangerous, you must go well accompanied.

How much cost does the maintenance of a webpage?


How much cost does the maintenance of a webpage?

In order to establish a criterion it exceeds how much it could cost and what tariffs are shuffled in a maintenance service Web is necessary to analyze the following factors:

  • The complexity of your webpage. We maintain webpages WordPress, Prestashop and Joomla mainly, but also we maintain pages realised in PHP/MySQL programmed to size and static pages HTML. He is not the same to maintain a thing that another one and can influence in the price.
  • If there is to realise updates in the page. Sometimes it is necessary to update texts, photos, or some type of content but in other occasions is not necessary to do it. This he must affect to the cost of the maintenance Web as it is logical.
  • Experience of the professional. A developer is not the same Web with 1 year of experience that with 20 years. An expert is not the same either who in addition to knowing how to program in PHP, is designer Web, consultant SEO and expert in systems. This type of profiles is most complete and professional so that they are going to provide solutions to you from all areas of knowledge.
  • If he is including hosting. The maintenance service of p¡gnias Web could include or not hosting or lodging. In our plans yes the inclu­mos so that it is fundamental for the security of the page. Hosting can cost between 6‚¬ and 20‚¬ to the month following the capacities.

Once this is clear, we must think about how we want to pay to the service, or how the specialist at issue receives it. Most logical it is than to agree to a monthly payment, or annual, in any case a payment appellant. By means of the payment of a quota we can have including the periodic concepts: maintenance, hosting, etc. and other concepts extra, as renovation of domains or acquisition of hours or opago by use.

Some clients do not want to pay a monthly payment, want carried out works per hours, to pay only the time used in carrying out the works Web. It is another correct form to work, we we worked thus by means of bonds of hours.

The price per hour of a bond can vary based on the profile: programmer Web, designer Web, SEO, etc. We create that a reasonable price could be between 50‚¬/hora 20‚¬/hora and. Not always to pay implies more that it is a more expensive service. Sometimes cheap it leaves expensive. If a 20‚¬/hora specialist makes a task in 3 hours and another one of 40‚¬/h does in 1 hour, who is more expensive?

How much it costs a service of this type is key so that you want to contract it but it remembers, does not cost more what it has a greater amount, if not what you do not use or that is deficient.

Here you have information on our plans of maintenance Web, will serve you to have an idea.

Exist cheap and expensive do maintenances Web? There is difference?

maintenance Web cheap

The rank of maintenance tariffs Web is varied.

According to our criterion a maintenance expensive or cheap Web depends than delays on him and what you obtain. If delays little and you receive much is a maintenance Web cheap. If delays and you receive little much can suppose a maintenance very expensive Web.

For example, a maintenance of 10‚¬/mes in principle sounds very cheap, truth? But, what happens if when you have a problem doesn't respond? It imagines that they do not take care of the telephone, or take days in answering or when they do it they do not solve or they do not have interest in facilitating the life to you. This, in our opinion, is a maintenance very expensive Web, could even consider a donation so that it give money not to receive anything. This we have seen it in many occasions.

Again: it requests budget to maintain your webpage, you will see that it is a reasonable price. There are many tariffs in the market, consults ours for your reference.

What is the most important of a maintenance service Web?

For us there are two very important and fundamental factors in a maintenance service quality Web: The experience or expertise and the customized support, besides other technical details of the service.

The experience is going to smooth the way enormously. If the professional has much technical experience surely already will have happened through the problem on which you are asking to him. It will know the best or less bad solution and will be much more easy to decide. In addition it will know to anticipate itself to certain adversities before they take place.

The customized support. Somebody that takes care of to you with full name is fundamental, you are not a number in a portfolio immensa of clients. It must know how to explain to you easily difficult, that level adapts to your of knowledge, that takes care of you amiably and by telephone, that gives back you call if it cannot take care of you at the moment, that it has desire to help, this is a customized support of quality. Internet seems that it lies down to devour all this, the human contact, with ticketing, with call centers, bots and automatic chats, it seems that they want to clear to the client of above. There is nothing as the personal communication for a quality support.

What types of maintenance Web exist?

The type of maintenance Web varies based on the type of page, mainly if the website is constructed with a CMS or to size. Also he influences if there are data bases, connections interplatform or another type of services Web that could complejizar the maintenance service.

WordPress maintenance

It is the specialty of the house. As official developers of WordPress that we are we maintain many webpages and blogs with this magnificent CMS. It is attacked by the hackers and intruders, but formed well it is the surroundings more surely with difference. What there is to watch with special well-taken care of are the updates of plugins and theme, mainly if is a store online Woocommerce. The backup copies are vitally important.

Consultation information on support and WordPress maintenance in this connection.

Prestashop maintenance

It is the leader in stores online and Ecommerce solutions for product sale. It is a great tool for sale online, if you want to sell products is very good option. This type of CMS undergoes attacks not as much but as WordPress. He is due to his little implantation. The type of maintenance that requires a Prestashop is based generally on the updates of modules and software, in watching that he has not fallen of the service and backup copies.

Joomla maintenance

Joomla is a CMS in extinction. For that reason it is easy to find very old facilities, that they cannot be updated to a modern version and usually they have many problems of security. He is very habitual to have to cover security openings and to apply patches manually so that the module at issue has disappeared and does not receive updates. The attacks to forms to send Spam of massive form are very common. Here you have information on our maintenance service Joomla.

Maintenance of PHP/MySQL pages

This type of pages requires a maintenance to size totally customized Web and so that each Web is completely different. Normally they are developments as they require changes in files PHP, data base, to touch to the HTML or Javascript of the frontal, etc.

Maintenance of pages HTML

Although it seems lie we have clients to which we maintain webpages in pure HTML. If somebody thinks that this type of pages does not require maintenance is very mistaken. Realised pages HTML for many years have been existing to which there are to update content with certain frequency.

They are clients to whom they sold the €œmotorcycle to them€ of which a Web in HTML without CMS is a phenomenal solution. Now, whenever they want to publish the news or to change content they must resort to a programmer, which seems to us excessive and unnecessary.