What is Divi

Divi is one of themes or WordPress more popular groups of the world and for some are the best one with difference. If you do not know it I recommend to you that you do not lose nor a minute in visiting this demo of Divi on design Web for interior and decoration, is one of the best examples than it is Divi and what it is possible to be done with him. More down we left to connections to many more Divi examples you, if you try search them in his webpage costs to find them to you, are something hidden.

examples and we give divi for wordpressIf you are not familiarized with WordPress we will tell you that it is the gratuitous tool more extended to create blogs and webpages. WordPress allows to apply a design to your website through theme or soles. There is themes on any thematic one: architecture, restaurants, lawyers, marketing, communication, engineering, stores online, sports, etc.

One of the most habitual practices for the designers Web WordPress it is to buy theme in Themeforest soon to apply it to the website whom they are developing. This, that sounds easy and attractive, has a series of problems to consider, most habitual is the license. Normally the license of Themeforest for a website costs about 60 Euros. Divi has a license format that allows you to use it in limitless Webs, something that does very attractive.

They exist infinity of themes WordPress but Divi is one of most outstanding of the moment, in this article we are going to you to explain why. We are going to teach to examples of really amazing and attractive realised designs Web to you with Divi. We are going to also tell to kindness of this group and its disadvantages to you, all the necessary one to help you to decide if you must use Divi in your WordPress project.

Who is Elegant Themes

As you will imagine Elegant Themes is the creator of Divi, good, not only of Divi but also of others themes known enough. This developer has been very many years in the market, is very serious, takes care of its product and updates Divi, something vital very frequently to solve programming problems that are leaving, openings of security, inconsistencies or failures of any type.

If you dedicate to the design Web and have realised many webpages as we already will know the important thing that it is the support of theme. One of the most annoying problems is to buy attractive theme in Themeforest and when you are finishing maquetar the site you find a failure of important programming that it prevents you to complete your project correctly. One assumes that theme has a support and you can ask to help the developer but in some cases are impossible mission, take much in answering or they do not do it and it will be called on to you to program some patch to be able to get out of trouble so that yes or yes, you must give your project.

The developer that there is behind theme WordPress is fundamental, is more important than much people create. If your theme is realised by a developer doubtful Web or that it has stopped existing you will have a problem sooner or later. For that reason we create that it is very important to choose theme not only by its design, but also the company of development that is behind him.

We have been to years and years working with Elegant Themes and can say certainly that it is a great developer, it pampers its product, are very creative, they have spectacular designs and they are innovating constantly. If they put the leg in something, normally programming failures, solve it quickly. At the moment they say that 600,000 clients have a base of about, something quite conceivable seeing that this theme is installed in many websites.

How much Divi costs

We are going to you to explain how much Divi costs and if it is free, what prices and tariffs have, you see that he is very simple to understand since they only have two formats of license.

Eye, these prices that we indicated next we expressed them in Euros without considering the currency change since Divi is pleased in dollars.

1. Annual license

  • 89 Euros to the year. The question that usually becomes everybody is€¦ What happens if nonpayments as of the second year? You will not have right to updates but you will be able to continue using Divi in all Webs, calm, you will not have desinstalarlo!
  • Limitless Web. This one is without a doubt the main advantage of Divi: there is limit of no Webs. You can do thousands of WordPress sites with Divi, will introduce your license in all of them and ready. Here they have hit the nail on the head and for that reason they are extending as the foam.
  • Updates during a year. During 12 months you will be able to update Divi in all WordPress facilities. Passed that term you will not be able to update.

2. License perpetuates

  • 249 Euros, unique payment. Without a doubt this license is for developer Webs that many WordPress pages realise.
  • Limitless websites.
  • Updates of by life. The time limit disappears. You will be able to update Divi for always, in all Webs, of limitless form.

3. Gratuitous license of Divi

It is possible to free use Divi without paying nor a Euro? Yes! , more down we explained it to you.

What license to choose?

If you are the proprietor of a business online perhaps or website and you do not have other webpages the annual license is sufficient, although already you know that past 12 months you will not be able to update Divi. There is people who pay to the license every 3 or 4 years, is another option but to be as much time without updating Divi can bring some misfortune to you. In the last months important updates of security have been published Divi. If this happens you in a period in which you cannot update you will have your WordPress accessible site to hackers and intruders.

If on the contrary you are developer as we and you work in design Web without a doubt will come the license very well to you perpetuates. You will forget limitations and problems, you will be able to use Divi where you want with updates of by life. It is an initial economic effort to obtain a great advantage in the medium and long term, in our opinion is a great investment.

How to use Divi free

Since we have commented previously you have a possibility of using Divi free, without paying, without limit of Webs nor of time. You only must lodge with us. In Ecs-Technology we offer lodging and maintenance of webpages, if you bring your WordPress site to our servant you will be able to use our license without paying nothing by her. Here you have more information.

How unloading and settles Divi

In order to buy Divi in the first place you must create an account in Elegant Themes. Once created you only must follow the steps to realise the payment. Later you have a section where you will have access to all plugins, themes and by all means Divi.

The installation you will have it to do manually. You enter your WordPress, you go to Appearance, Subjects and there you raise compressed file ZIP. Next active thema and ready!

IMPORTANT: If you are going to make some personalisation of Divi, we talked about to touch css or some of his groups PHP, you must create a subject son. If you create it you will introduce your personalisations there, therefore the original subject (father) will be intact and you will be able to continue updating it.

How Divi is updated

Once you have installed Divi the updates are very easy, you only must introduce your user and key API in the configuration of Divi. Next you will be able to update as any other theme or plugin, puncturing in the button to update.

With Divi I can make any type of design Web, of any thematic one?

Yes, by all means. Perhaps everybody does not know the versatile thing that it is Divi, is people who think nothing else that it is a rigid group, with a pre-established design that cannot be varied, far from the reality. Divi is very flexible, owns to builder or maquetador line of vision that allows to personalize each container, each column, each minimum detail of the content modules that incorporate.

Divi has been improving with time, with each version. Its exposition is that you use the less possible Photoshop, since there are certain creative aspects as degraded and the filters of image that forced to you to happen through Photoshop to be able to apply them. With the advance of CSS3 and Divi many of those things can be made from Divi to make agile time.

What yes it is certain is that according to what design you want to realise you are going to need, perhaps yes or yes, to publish the CSS and some tempers php to you of theme.

Examples and real demonstrations of Divi

If you sail in the Web of Elegant Themes you will see that it is not easy to accede to the different ones we give and Divi examples, are something hidden, but you do not worry so that there are preparation to you a list of connections so that you will delight with this magnificent group that is Divi.

In the first place of we are going to show 3 or 4 of most showy and next we will put a long list of connections.

Design Web for Furniture and Decoration

wordpress soles divi decoration interior design


Design Web Divi for cafeteria, pastry shop, bakery

wordpress soles divi cateferia bakery confectioner's


Design Web for Agency of communication or marketing

wordpress soles divi gets hold of marketing communication

More Divi examples

Advantages and disadvantages of Divi

1. Advantages of Divi

  • Multitem¡tica. It allows to any thematic or design Web.
  • Builder. He is one of the great profits of this group. Builder or maquetador line of vision is spectacular. It is thought and it is easiest very well and comfortable than it could be expected thus of a tool. It allows:
    • Model-making from backoffice. You can maquetar pages or posts from admin of WordPress, similar to Composer Line of vision, although saving the differences.
    • Model-making from the frontal. This was a great incorporation of version 2.0. It is possible to change texts, photos, layouts and practically any thing from the frontal turning it into an authentic publisher wysing. This characteristic allows you saves a pile of contained time publishing.
  • Builder and theme realised by the same developer. Great success. Those that we already dedicated to this profession of the design Web we have suffered what supposes that theme is realised by a developer and builder on the other, is something that can give many problems. In this case both components are realised by Elegant, which will save many worries to us.
  • Great amount of predesigns or layouts. Account with an enormous catalogue of designs or layouts that allows to construct Webs us in very just a short time and serves to us as inspiration source. Layouts is integrated in the own one to builder for greater comfort.
  • Content fragment reusability. Another magnificent success. If scale models some fragments of content in a page you can reuse them in another one. You can to cause that they tolerate as same element or as elements separated facing which the modifications that you do in a place affect or not to the other.
  • Ideal to create landing pages. Divi allows to hide header and to footer, something very necessary when one is designed landing page.
  • Support and updates. As we shelp previously, Elegant Themes takes care of its product since we had never seen before in another developer. In addition if you go to the support answer in very just a short time, in a matter of hours.
  • Extended leave of absence to reasonable price. Without a doubt the possibility of constructing to tens or hundreds of Webs without paying license by each is another one of the great successes of Divi.

2. Disadvantages of Divi

  • He is something slow. Yes, with time and with as much functionality he has become heavier. With a good servant and plugin of cache it does not suppose any problem but it agrees to sharpen it and to adapt it according to the load of the servant.
  • Design and format of the blog. Formarto of the blog is something that does not convince too much to us. Always it is called on to us to publish css to leave a compact design and functional so that the one that brings by defect can be very modern for certain clients.

What to choose: Divi versus themes of Themeforest

I believe that we have put upon the table sufficient arguments so that you can decide if to realise your future webpages with Divi or others themes of Themeforest.

You choose what you choose yes is advisable that you use always the same group if the developer inspires confidence to you. To use theme new for each project implies a very high risk, we did not recommend it to you, there is nothing as the guarantee of a company that works of serious form and in the long term.