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Professional WordPress support

You want to comprise of our family? We work hand with our clients by hand, companies that have a WordPress site and need experts in the matter next to them, in the day to day, to solve the technical problems who are arising and to maintain lives his page. It is what we do for more than 15 years with clients of all Spain by means of different formulas from WordPress support.

All we know that WordPress is friendly but very complex surroundings internally. Numerous disadvantages can arise that you do not know to solve and to have an expert of your side can come to you to solve problems very well and to cause that your Web works correctly at any moment. I put some examples to you of resolute WordPress problems recently:

  • Problem with variable products in a Woocommerce: Choosing a product with variations did not update the prices. Solution: Plugin was generating an interference, we deactivated it and resolute problem.
  • A website correctly did not show the menu in the version for mobiles: We alter css and testeamos the webpage with a tool multidevice to guarantee that the page would be seen correctly.
  • Problem SEO. A client needed to renombrar the names of files JPG to improve his positioning SEO and its only option was to unload all the images soon to return to raise them, an authentic Calvary! We installed plugin to him and we saved tens to him of working hours.
  • Floating eyelash: A client photographer requested us that we put a floating eyelash that was a direct link to its blog. We did it by means of Javascript and CSS.

We are the support for many companies that have technical problems with their WordPress site. They go when there is some incidence that does not know to solve, or simply to publish content when they do not have time. All this is possible contracting a professional WordPress support, you can here consult our plans of maintenance Web.

Your webpage not only is the showcase of your company in Internet, it is the place by which can enter potential clients if you work the positioning SEO or AdWords campaigns, can be your better commercial one, working by you 24 hours to the day, untiringly. This one is the main reason by which you would have to consider to have a professional WordPress support if it concerns your business to you.

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Why we?

In case not yet you know it we are official developers WordPress, we have created several plugins that you can unload and use from repositorio official of WordPress. These plugins are used at the moment by thousands of WordPress sites:

  • Adviser of Cookies: With more than 80,000 active facilities in all Spain this plugin is in charge to implement the policy of cookies in a website being shown the corresponding warning and generating the legal text pages.
  • Maintenance Web: This plugin puts your website in private way so that only you can accede while the visitors see the typical message €œWeb in construction€. This plugin is gratuitous, you can unload it and use it as tool of WordPress support.

What we do?

To help, so that we like. ; ·)


Going to solve problems when a client requests help to us. In addition we watched each of our WordPress facilities by means of different systems from monitoring that act to detect falls in the page, attempts of intrusion, time of load of the page, realising daily backup copies, etc. We offer the WordPress support of the following forms:

1. Telephone support

Yes, we take care of by telephone! It seems incredible nowadays but we can say it to big drum and subject of gossip: We take care of by telephone our clients! In this sector every time he is fashionable to give support by means of tickets or by email, something cold and impersonal that not always solves the technical problems since sometimes it costs much to explain itself in writing. In addition, what happened with the human contact? and to speak with that it knows your page and you do not have to return to tell him who you are, which is your website, etc.

2. Support in remote, directly in your computer

This is a modality of WordPress support that likes much to our clients. By means of a connection in remote with TeamViewer we connected ourselves to your computer and in your screen we solve your doubts and we commented any problem that you can have. Nobody in the sector offers a as customized WordPress support as this one.

3. Support by email

By all means, in addition to the previous supports we answered your requests by email.

If it interests to you to receive information on professional WordPress support you can here consult our plans of maintenance Web.