Policy of Privacy

We have reviewed and adapted our policy of privacy to the new requirements and want to offer major information and transparency in relation to the treatment of the personal data, this way we give integral fulfillment to the effective norm in the matter of Protection of Data.

Who is the PERSON IN CHARGE of its DATA?

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He is responsible for the treatment of the personal character data of his users and clients, as well as of the data that can be successfully obtained through website.

WEBARTESANAL informs to the users into the website on their policy with respect to the treatment and protection into the personal character data into the users and clients who can be successfully obtained by the navigation or hiring of services through their website.

What INFORMATION we compiled?

WEBARTESANAL can compile the following personal information of their usuary clients/through the following means:

Data successfully obtained for the benefit of a service

The personal character data that facilitate us for the benefit of a service will be the indispensable minimums to be able to make the contract as well as to be able to offer the services that you contract to him and for the fulfillment of the legal obligations.

Data successfully obtained for the request of information through form Web.

The personal data successfully obtained through form Web for the request for information have as an aim the shipment of commercial information on our products, promotions and services.
The treatment of the data in this case is legitimized by the express consent that you give when accepting the shipment of the information contributed through form.

Data of Navigation

The User accepts specifically, by the use of this portal, the data processing successfully obtained by means of cookies. We compile all the information regarding its navigation in our Web and its interaction with the company

Purpose of the Data processing

Their personal character data are successfully obtained in order to render and to maintain the services decided contractually and to be able to inform on new products, promotions and services of our company that we understand of his interest.

The data that we obtain from navigation Web or any other means will be in force by this same policy of privacy.

WEBARTESANAL will come to deal with the personal character data allowed, loyal way, is transparent, suitable, pertinent, limited, exact and updated.

How long WE STORED your DATA?

The provided personal data will be conserved while the trade relation stays or you do not ask for their suppression and during the term by which legal responsibilities by served could be derived.

What LEGAL BASE protects to us?

The treatment of your data is realised by the following legal bases:

CONTRACT EXECUTION. The legal base of the treatment of the personal data of the interested one that they take shelter is the execution of the transaction contract. In this sense, the interested one is forced to facilitate the data that are necessary for their execution. In case of not facilitating these data to us the accomplishment of the transaction will not be possible.

LEGAL OBLIGATIONS. The treatment of its data would be based on our Legal Obligation in which we could be required on the basis of our trade relation, in addition to the Laws that to our activity affect to us.

Free, specific, informed and unequivocal CONSENT, whereas we informed to you making your available the present policy into privacy, that after the reading of the same, in case of being as, you can accept by means of a declaration or a clear affirmative action, as the marked one of a square prepared to the effect.

LEGITIMATE INTEREST. Our legitimate interest consists of being able to guarantee that our WEB remains safe, as well as to help us to understand the needs, expectations and the level of satisfaction of the users and, therefore, to improve the services, products and brands. All these actions are realised with the purpose of to improve the level of satisfaction of the client


WEBARTESANAL will come informs to the users from which their personal data will not be communicated to third parties, with the reservation of which this data communication this protecting in a legal obligation or when the benefit of a service implies the necessity of a contractual relation with the one in charge of treatment. In this last case, the adressees of their data can be determined companies of the necessary group as well as in charge of the treatment for the correct benefit of the services.

WEBARTESANAL maintains some strict criteria of selection of in charge of treatment and it contractually commits itself with each to fulfill and to make fulfill the obligations established in the matter of protection of data.


WEBARTESANAL commits to the use and Personal Data processing of the users respecting their confidentiality and to use them in agreement with the purpose of the same, as well as to give fulfillment to their obligation, in accordance with the established thing in the effective norm of protection of data.

Expert LEGATIK in Privacy cannot guarantee the absolute security of the Internet network and, therefore, the violation of the data by means of fraudulent accesses to it on the part of third parties.

When some incident of security appeared, when occurring account WEBARTESANAL will notify to the client without illegal delays and will provide the opportune information related to the security incident as it is known or when the Client asks for it reasonably.


The following rights correspond to him that can be exercised through the dpo@legatik.es email address:

Straight of accessIt must right to obtain confirmation on if we are treating personal data that concern to him, as well as to accede to the personal data which we have.
Straight of rectificationIt must right to solicit that the personal data are rectified when they are inexact or that they are completed when they are incomplete.
Straight of suppression/right to the forgetfulnessIt can solicit from us that the personal data are suppressed when considers opportune.
Straight of limitationIt must right to ask for the limitation of the treatment of the data, in which case we will only conserve them for questions of legal requirement.
Straight of portabilityIt must right to receive his personal data in a format of use common and to transmit them to another person in charge when the request is realised so that it assures the transmission.
Straight of oppositionIt can be against that the personal data are object of a treatment based on the legitimate interest.
Automated individual decisionsIt only has right to not being object of a decision based on the automated treatment, including the elaboration of profiles, that produces legal effects you exceed you or you affect to him significantly similarly.
Right to make a complaintIt must right to make a complaint before the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data.

It can exert anyone of these rights, or consult any situation that it considers opportune and is referring to his personal data, with our Department Assigned for the Protection of Personal Data, by means of anyone of our habitual contacts or in the mail: dpo@legatik.es.