It is possible to reclaim a webpage? Perhaps according to the case, yes it is possible. It is necessary to see what type of situation you have. Perhaps it can be perhaps that you have access to hosting or no, also you have access to the administration of your Web or no. The same happens with the domain. Based on the all this strategy to apply it can be one of them.

In order to reclaim a webpage first that you must find out it is if you have access to the Control Panel of hosting since from you can there accede to the files of the webpage, the base gives data, the accounts of e-mail and the domain. Also it is possible that some of these elements is in different suppliers but most habitual is than they are under the same Control Panel.

The following thing that you would have to find out is if you have a backup copy of your website, if you have not made it you yourself speech with your company of hosting because they do backups daily, weekly, have different regularities, although eye! they do not accumulate them! What means this? Since if your company of hosting does backup weekly and it give account to you of past disaster two weeks later you will not be able to do nothing€¦.

Good, we followed€¦. if your company of hosting does not have backup copies, the following option is to go to the company that did the Web to you. If this is not possible, for the reason that is, the following option is to consult the Internet file that stores all the webpages of the world throughout the years! There surely you can find part of your Web, at least the text, will not see all the pages but it could remove to you from a hardship€¦

In any case, if you need the help, gave it to us in case we can find some alternative for your situation.