To realise the maintenance of a webpage is fundamental to improve the SEO (search engine optimization). Any website or blog must be alive, with recent contents if you want that the most popular finders consider your website so that it raises positions until highest.

The maintenance of your webpage is simple if you use WordPress, is enough with publishing the technical news (of own elaboration or third parties) or articles, but to have your up-to-date Web is fundamental to improve the SEO.

In Ecs-Technology we are expert in WordPress and specialistic in WordPress and we used it for the following reasons:

  • It is the CMS simplest to use for technical users and nontechnicians.
  • He is gratuitous.
  • He is extended, one of each five Webs in the planet are realised in WordPress.
  • 100% oriented to SEO are.
  • 27,000 exist more than plugins gratuitous to extend functionalities.

Here we left another article you that we have published in relation to the maintenance Web.