Hosting and WordPress maintenance

Service of lodging and maintenance of WordPress sites

You need somebody that is in charge to take care of and to maintain your WordPress page?

Hosting and WordPress maintenanceIn Ecs-Technology we offer a complete service of lodging and maintenance of WordPress pages with the aim of which you forget the technical part of your website so that you can be centered in your work.

Our mission is to have your up-to-date, watched page, optimized and monitored so that you see your WordPress site as a tool instead of a problem.

We have a gratuitous technical support for our clients, you can call to clarify doubts to us, to receive gratuitous consultancy on development Web, plugins, SEO, etc.

Many WordPress sites are left, have plugins out of date, own operation errors, sometimes malware, etc. We we took care of all this, you you concentrate in handling your page and to publish content, we acted when you need to us because we are your support.

The services that we offer in our basic package are:

  • Updates: The subject, plugins, Core of WordPress.
  • 1 daily, cumulative backup copy during 30 days.
  • Revisions of security to avoid hackeos and intrusions, we disinfected your page if it is contaminated, we replaced plugins conflicting.
  • Optimizations of speed.
  • Monitor Web. We watch that your Web works, every 5 minutes, if there is a fall in the page we solve the incidence.
  • Telephone support of 10 to 14, L-V
  • Web Hosting with access to the Control Panel.

In the packages superiors in addition to all this we offer some hours to you to the month to realise improvements in your Web on content, SEO, optimizations, personalisations of design, programming, etc.

You have a mediocre lodging and you need to migrate a servant better?

We were in charge to migrate your page, the post office, the domain, everything. In just a short time you will have working your page in a new faster servant, with access to a complete support and Control Panel (CPanel) realised by specialized developers in WordPress, something that no company of standard lodging will give you.