In Ecs-Technology we to size offer formation in WordPress for companies of Madrid. We go to the offices of the client to normally distribute customized formation to small groups with few technical knowledge. The formation is realised using the own webpage of the company and the WordPress subject on which its Web has been constructed. You can find other options of formation in WordPress but no is going to be as customized as the one that can offer to you directly on your WordPress installation. Tenth this because often we found generic material didactic for learning of WordPress that when we tried to use it on our page not the concepts can be applied because our subject or group owns a very different operation.

The customized formation that we offer in Ecs-Technology is distributed by developers, not by training generalist that have learned WordPress as if a tool office automation it was. We are programmers of plugins and graphical WordPress subjects, designers, maquetadores HTML5/CSS3, consultants SEO and know the tool by outside and on the inside. In the formation we have two objectives: to teach to use WordPress and to orient the creation of contents to the SEO, that is to say, to secure to more visits Web.

Because to receive formation in WordPress when it is a tool so easy to handle?

Very easy, a thing is to use WordPress at simple level to publish small contents and another very different thing is to use WordPress as promotional motor of your company or business. WordPress is a tool born by and for the SEO, that is to say, search engine optimization. But it is not enough with using WordPress as we used any other tool office automation. To remove benefit to WordPress implies to have some minimum knowledge of SEO, for that reason this type of formation is so special. Knowing SEO we will only know to increase to the traffic in our blog or webpage.

By all these reasons we recommended and we offer to independent companies, SMEs and that have a blog or page realised in WordPress that receive specific formation to remove all the benefit and to increase the traffic to him of their webpages.

In addition, to offer a better formative service, also we offer to our clients the possibility directly of recording a video course on its WordPress installation so that they have documented all the process of update of contents and that of this form they can use this video as consultation tool. In addition this type to videos facilitates, or rather, they eliminate the necessity that the students take notes while they receive the formation.

If you are interested in formation to size in WordPress contacts with us.