WordPress is the best tool than it can have a company to promote his activity in Internet. It has great advantages, next we are going to enumerate most outstanding:

  • It is a gratuitous tool, it is not necessary to pay to unload it or to use it.
  • It is the CMS or manager of contents more extended at present. One of each five pages Webs in the world is done in WordPress, at the moment is the standard in websites.
  • It allows to create autogestionables webpages, that is to say, you yourself you can update the contents: to publish texts, images, to add new pages, et cetera.
  • It serves to also create enterprise webpages and blogs.
  • It incorporates blog. With a blog you can write articles of any thematic one and the users can write commentaries on articles, which produces an interaction between very beneficial company and visitors.
  • User profiles exist, being able to assign concrete privileges each.
  • A WordPress page never remains short, exist more than 30,000 plugins gratuitous ready to unload in repositorio official. These plugins add new functions to your Web which allows to have an alive and expandable page.
  • Designs of group: WordPress feeds on subjects or groups that are the element that puts face to your page. There are designs on architecture, restaurants, schools, corporative, in short, all the thematic ones that you can imagine. This allows you to create a page with a really attractive design without needing making a great economic investment, because these 40 groups come to cost about ‚¬.
  • Development to size: if you need to develop a concrete function for your WordPress page that you do not find in the market you can find developer to program that function. If you need a WordPress developer contacts with us.
  • SEO: WordPress is a semantic publication tool, is designed and thought SEO and to position as well as possible in finders. Installing some plugins and doing some very concrete configurations you can obtain a very high SEO what will bring many visitors to your Web.
  • Multiidioma: WordPress allows you to create webpages in different languages, gives equal if he is European, Asian or of any other continent.
  • Social networks: installing plugins adapted you can add social bellboys to all the contents of your page so that your visitors share your contents in their profiles and that of that form your brand is made more quickly popular.
  • A WordPress page can serve to you to publish the news, events, articles of any thematic one, you can assign passwords so that certain articles are only seen by that you want.
  • With a WordPress page you can sell in Internet. If you want to do simple product sale, without control of stock, management of orders, form manual you can install some Paypal bellboys who are going to allow to you to sell of direct form and very easily simple with a tool that you take in forming 30 minutes. If you want to do more complex sale exists WooCommerce that is a store online in format of plugin, although always we recommended to create a professional store online to use tools as Prestashop.
  • You can install a chat to communicate in line with the visitors Web and to clarify his doubts at the moment, to give to prices or even support.
  • If you have companies interested in inserting publicity in your webpage you are of luck, because they exist different plugins that they allow you to manage publicity within your WordPress page.
  • Reservations system. They exist different plugins to create reservations systems within your webpage. This is thought for rural restaurants, hotels, lodgings, fairs and congresses, etc.
  • Bulletins of newsletter and by email electronic publicity. These interesting options are also to your reach with very little effort and economic investment.

This list of advantages does not finish here because she is infinite, this is the universe WordPress, an endless place!