WordPress security

Service of security for WordPress websites

Worry to You does the security about your WordPress page? Sometimes they have hackeado your Web?

Lamentably the hackers are attacking constantly the WordPress pages because an enormous amount of websites created with this tool exists, at the moment esteem that exist more than 70 million in the world, so you can be imagined the so interesting market that they have the mentioned hackers.

Me page never has been attacked!

WordPress securityIf you are of that it thinks that the things happen to them to the others perhaps and you are not mistaken. If you affirm that your page never has been attacked are two explanations:

  1. That indeed never they have attacked it, something difficult to affirm if you do not have the suitable tools.
  2. That your Web has been attacked and infected but not you have found out because are not external signs. Much people think that when attacks a Web appears the logo of the hacker to complete screen in home. This it is the case for hackers of small account that they look for notoriety and are home his walking but an intelligent hacker happens unnoticed to be able to operate to its wide ones.

How I can know if my page is infected?

It is necessary to one by one analyze the file of changes in the archives of your WordPress installation, the subject, plugins, Core of WordPress, is necessary to compare them with a previous version of your page on which we have the complete certainty that is not infected. In addition to this we have analyzers who look for malicious code in the files of your page, in addition to other methods that for obvious reasons we cannot detail here and now.

Our service of WordPress security

In Ecs-Technology we offer the possibility of contracting a WordPress maintenance to you so that we take care of the security of your page. We were in charge to make the migration of your website towards our servant, we give complete access you to the Control Panel.

The tasks that we do within this work of maintenance are:

1. Preventive measures

  • To install plugins of security suitable.
  • To install scripts special created by us to apply special monitorings that plugins cannot realise.
  • To monitor your different page and to review the alert that is taken place: When a usuary administrator enters the system, when some file has been modified, attempt to send Spam, etc.
  • We maintain the updates to the day: Version of WordPress, plugins, the group, etc. We make the updates safely, we verified that when realising them everything is going to continue working because sometimes plugin is updated and the Web stops working!
  • We realise backup copies, something fundamental to correctly exert a work of security and active monitoring.

2. Palliative measures

All the described one in point 1 avoids the problems of WordPress security most otherwise even so something is strained in the system we applied following the palliative measures:

  • We recover backup copies.
  • We disinfect scripts and affected files.
  • Analyzing the type of infection produced in your page we created the suitable antidotes so that it is not repeated in the future.

To maintain your clean page of infections requires knowledge very technicians and still more to realise the disinfections. It leaves this work into the hands of professionals who are working in the security on a daily basis.