We offer maintenance to you Web if you are independent or a company of the locality of Pinto, since our fort is the clients of the South zone of Madrid.

Although the development and creation of professional webpages can be contracted and to execute remote in many occasions favors the personal communication between client and supplier enough, mainly thinking about that the client needs consultant's office and consultancy offered by experts in Internet.

It is for that reason that to the companies of Pinto we offer maintenance Web tares as to alter the graphical design of the page, to modify or to add contents, to install the policy of cookies for the new Spanish norm, etc.

If you are interested in knowing what maintenance tasks Web usually we realise throws a look to these articles:

If you have an old page and you are thinking to renew it takes advantage of it the occasion and updates to you to HTML5 and WordPress, technologies that will allow you to update your contents easily, to equip with new functions to your Web and to have compatibility as much with computers as movable devices, we left a connection here you to an article.