In this article we are going to you to divulge an interesting secret that is the geolocalizaci³n in webpages. If you exert your professional activity in a geographic one makes specific is fundamental that geolocalices your page to increase the SEO. This is very simple, it is made adding some labels puts in the head of your home and if you want in the rest of subpages.

These labels will say to Google and other finders to him in what locality, city and country your activity takes to end. Of this form, when somebody looks for a hairdressing salon for a concrete locality you have more options to appear in the results.

At the moment you must yourself direct to the page:

In this page you must introduce the direction of your company, locality and country in the kitchen mhelp and text field Address Search.

Down you will see the result, that he will be something thus:

<meta name= " geo.region€ content= " ES-MD€/> <meta name= " geo.placename€ content= " Valdemoro€/> <meta name= " geo.position€ content= " 40.192347; - 3,66591€/> <meta name= " ICBM€ content= " 40,192347, -3,66591€/>

The last line (ICBM) you can omit it then is only used for military aims. Three forward edge the copies and you must them beat within the section to header of your page of ready home and!

NOTE: If the position has not located it well in the map you can manually move the red thumbtack until leaving it exactly where you want.