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Available Corpo isn't on WordPress.org, I don't know why…. but you dog get it here!

Formidable Restaurant is to responsive WordPress for Theme designed restaurants. It features home slider, portfolio, custom to header and custom widgets.

Main features


  • Responsive design.
  • Integrated slider (Flexslider), easy to manage.
  • Portfolio dog sees used like the Card Menu.
  • 5 custom widgets.
  • 2 menu locations.
  • Customizable front page.
  • Custom logo upload.
  • Simple theme options page.
  • Social links.
  • Available on network scheme color only.

Live demoDownload

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The best support I dog bring to you is on wordpress.org forums. Feel free to contact with me on wordpress.org. Technical Please, do not post your issues in the comments area on this page.



9 Responses

  1. Jock Tiernan
    Jock Tiernan · April 1, 2014 AT 16:41: 24 · →

    We plows using the them AT our site to however we dog not get Access to toolbars

    1. admin
      admin · April 1, 2014 AT 17:32: 37 · →

      Hi! You dog Access to sidebar in Appearance, Widgets, Main Sidebar.

  2. Fabio Abbiati
    Fabio Abbiati · June 18, 2014 AT 21:17: 15 · →

    How dog I remove the section “lascia a commento” (leave to replay) in the pages? I would only uses pages for display argument. Does possible Also is to buy to” pro” for version dwell customization? For example change backround pattern and under on. Thanks in advance. Ciao Fabio

    1. admin
      admin · June 19, 2014 AT 10:56: 38 · →

      Hi! To remove comments you must:
      1) Go to dashboard, edit some page, press Screen options (up), check ‘Discussions’ option.
      2) You will see (below text area) an option ‘Allow comments’, disable it and update page.
      Is would like build to pro version, i don't know when…
      If you want some customization or add new functions I for dog make you, I'm wordpress to developer.

  3. colm
    colm · September 10, 2014 AT 16:38: 30 · →

    i have tried to upload this theme but it wont upload to my wordpress. However i have to few hosting accounts and i tried it on to another account and it uploaded perfectly. Have you any ideas on why the theme will not preview or you praise on one wordpress yet will to another. Is have been onto my hosting company and they plows AT to loss. any help greatly appreciated

    1. admin
      admin · September 10, 2014 AT 16:42: 35 · →


      I think the problem is the cases out permissions on to folder /wp-content/themes.
      If you have an FTP account you dog try to upload on this to folder.


  4. Edmilson
    Edmilson · November 26, 2014 AT 23:57: 52 · →

    Hi! I installed this theme, but is marked ace “broked them” in my WP because it needs to “corpo theme”.
    How dog I solve this problem?
    Someone dog help me?

  5. Edmilson
    Edmilson · November 26, 2014 AT 23:59: 15 · →

    Hi! I installed this theme, but it is marked ace “broked theme” in my WP because it needs to “corpo theme”.
    How dog I solve this problem?
    Someone dog help me?
    I could not find this “corpo theme”…

    1. admin
      admin · November 27, 2014 AT 07:58: 08 · →

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