It seems that we missed the pages Flash yes€¦, as you hear it, those spectacular pages multimedia that allowed to integrate animations and audio of compact form and with a fluidity of incredible movement.

We are deserting of standard HTML5? No, far from it, but it is necessary to recognize that the implantation of this standard in all the navigators, its respective versions, operating systems and devices is being long and complex. In addition, to this it is necessary to add the commercial interests that have the great creative companies of the navigators to adopt some or other characteristics of HTML5. In case you do not know it, enormous tables of HTML5 characteristics exist saying what navigators support them. Seeing one of these tables we will verify that HTML5 is a standard still in process and the thing goes for length, here we left some examples:

Because the present webpages do not have sound nor music, it doesn't have audio in HTML5?

Because-the-paginate-Web-present-not-have-sound-neither-music, - not-have-audio-in-HTML5---2

Shelp this, centr©monos in the subject that brings to us to this article, that is the incorporation of audio in the webpages. As we shelp at the outset, the pages Flash allowed to the integration of contents multimedia of comfortable, compatible form and with a fluidity of movement and spectacular handling of resources because it acceded to the native hardware of our computer.

What happened? A good Apple day shelp that it did not want to support to the technology Flash in his movable devices because it consumed much battery. As of that moment Flash it stopped existing in those devices forcing to many companies to update his webpages to HTML not to lose so important market share.

Android came with the same story and between everyone they have obtained that Flash disappears of the map as far as movable devices and tablets talk about. To eliminate to them of this place is not much because esteem that the 2014 sail in the same proportion in computers and movable devices, and in some years we would sail more with movable devices than with computers. Therefore, this supposes that has a page Flash it will not be in Internet. Total, in the end is not other than to go HTML5 between the pushes that the great ones have given Flash. Not to forget either that another one of the great ones, Google, gave the back to Flash because it did not allow to index his contents.

HTML5 is a standard that enchants to us, we used it and we defend it but it is necessary to recognize that the section of audio is still not obtained as to all we would like, or rather, the audio one is tube meat so that the great companies at will give it of side. With this we mean that if we want to incorporate a basic music to our webpage realised in HTML5 we cannot do it of automatic form because the Apple devices do not allow the automatic reproduction of archives of audio without the interaction of the user. Apple forces to that the user must puncture in a button play or similar so that begins the reproduction of the audio one. They defend this practice saying that they try to protect to the users who sail from mobiles with reduced basic or restricted tariffs of data or with additional payments to consume excessive bandwidth. This has its logic, we are not going it to deny, if a user connects himself to a webpage that has a basic music in a file mp3 that occupies 15 logically megabyte that webpage is going to be incordio tremendous for this user, because it is going to take very many in opening the page and the file of audio goes to consume part of its bandwidth, for that reason is Apple forces to that the usuary one punctures some button so that begins the unloading and reproduction of the audio mentioned one. Since already there are saying, this has its logic and we understand it, but by a few we are not going to pay all seems to us either well. It is not very normal to enter the Web of Shakira and to be in a totally dumb Web, where music would have to surround to the visitors in each corner of the page.

It is clear that when we entered an enterprise webpage and begins to sound to a basic music the normal thing is that it bothers and we look for the button to us in off quickly to extinguish the incessant noise produced by a music, that in many cases, is realised or chosen with little pleasure. In an enterprise Web a high necessity does not exist to place audio of support but in Webs of singers, artists, world of the cinema, etc., yes would have to be something normal and natural.

Shelp this, the future of the audio one in the webpages it seems quite uncertain, perhaps it is necessary to hope one decade or to more stop seeing webpages in the style of the dumb cinema of years 20.