Service of design Web and programming Web per hours

1 Hour: 35‚¬

Loose hours


5 Hours: 140‚¬

Price hour: 28‚¬


10 Hours: 250‚¬

Price hour: 25‚¬

We offer bonds for people who want to make precise modifications in their webpage. A bond is a package of hours used to make tasks of design and programming to demand of the client. The work is documented in a spreadsheet to know the time used in each task.Design and programming Web per hours

The bonds must be consumed in a maximum year from their acquisition, during that period you can request any creative task or technical, most habitual they are:

  • Office of the judge advocate general, to know in what state is your website
  • Personalisations of design
  • Works of programming
  • Optimizations SEO
  • Revisions of security and disinfections in case there has been a intrusion or hackeo
  • Publication of content, text update, photos, etc.
  • Optimizations of yield with the purpose of to improve the speed of load of the page and reduction of the consumption of bandwidth.
  • Migration to another servant, as much of the page as of the e-mails.

Conditions of hiring

  • Pay in advance
  • Period of a maximum year to exhaust the bond
  • The work is documented in a spreadsheet so that you know the time used in each task.


  • Loose hours: 35‚¬/h
  • Bond 5 hours, 140‚¬ (28‚¬/h)
  • Bono 10 hours, 250‚¬ (25‚¬/h)

NOTE: The prices do not include taxes

Design and programming Web per hours

How to buy a bond?

It punctures the button that appears next to fill in the contact form. We will put ourselves in touch with you as soon as possible.