In order to create a Web multilanguage or multilanguage we must differentiate between a webpage from new creation and a already existing webpage.

As specialists in WordPress who we are we are going to center this article in the creation of webpages multi language for this tool. If on the contrary you have a webpage done with another manager of contents or even done in flat HTML then you will have to request a budget to size.

Different methods exist to create a site multilanguage in WordPress but first of all we must do the most important question to us: Are All the languages going to have the same content and structures or can evolve differently with time? Based on our answer we will have to show preference for one or the other method, which we presented next:

  • To use plugin multilanguage that allow to have each post, page, etc. in each language. We have a single installation and so many copies of entrances and pages since languages have. The good thing of this method is that plugins and subjects are the same since there is an only WordPress installation. The great disadvantage is that this type of plugin multilanguage usually fails enough, generates certain instabilities in all the website, not yet we have found one that works correctly of constant form. Aside if the Web is attacked they stop working all the languages, that is to say, all the Web. This method either does not put easy that each language evolves differently with time, for example, that in the English language is different menus or widgets, or even different pages to us.
  • To realise an installation multisite WordPress. We have a single installation and so many microsites as languages. All the microsites share plugins and each language allows to have different structure and contents. The problem is that to the being an only installation if a language falls or is attacked down come all the subpages but by the others in very good method.
  • To have so many facilities or retorts as languages. An retort is a new installation the WordPress and completely separated of the others, for example, if we want a Web with three languages we will have three different facilities, each language in subfirectorio (/es, /fr, /en, etc.). This method has the advantage of which if a Web is attacked they are not affected the others and if a language needs structure or different contents are not going to exist problem because she is completely separated of the others. The disadvantage is that if we make a change in the subject or in his plugins is necessary to apply this change to all the retorts. For us it is the best system and to create an retort of the original language is very simple if we used Duplicator.