Often the necessity in the companies arises to carry out maintenance tasks in blogs and WordPress pages. The type of tasks to realise goes from adjustments in the design, optimizations SEO, backup copies, to generate information of traffic Web, formation to size, updates, etc.

Generally, WordPress is a tool easy to handle, in some cases our clients want that we do the maintenance because they do not have time and in other occasions they want to do it they themselves. In these cases we give formation to size to teach to the personnel of the company to remove all the potential to its WordPress surroundings.

We do not want to offer a WordPress maintenance of such form that the client is chained to our service or knowledge, for that reason offer customized formation so that the client is completely independent. In addition to the service of formation we offer the creation of videocursos realised on the WordPress installation of the client teaching to update contents, to manage images, installation of plugins, etc. These videos are customized 100% and they only serve for the Web as the given client the exclusive feature as the contents.

The hiring of a WordPress maintenance usually is realised by purchase of bags of hours:

  • 5 35‚¬/h, working hours
  • 10 30‚¬/h, working hours
  • The work is realised to demand and it is discounted the time of stock-market contracted. The bags normally do not have lapsing and usually they are received per complete hours.

If you want more information on the matter contacts with us.