Been damaged your has data base of WordPress? Does Some plugin cause that your Web does not work? You can't accede to the administration because you have forgotten your password or email? You need to move your page to a subdirectory or another domain?

These are the typical tasks of repair and maintenance of WordPress pages with which many users usually have problems.

Backup copies of WordPress

If your page has become your tool of work you will have given account that is very necessary to create backup copies of all your WordPress installation. We advised to you that you do this with certain regularity because although is certain that the lodging companies weekly make automatic copies of all your daily servant or, we did not recommend to you that you are in its hands before a disaster. In tasks of WordPress maintenance we recommended to you that you try that everything depends on less possible you and of third parties, especially before situations critics.

To make complete backup copies of WordPress is very easy, you can do it with plugin Duplicator. This tool we have proven it and works of luxury, not only it does a complete backup copy to you of files and data base, if not that in addition allows you to make an installation in another public or local servant being changed URLs of all the contents.

We have proven others plugins for backup copy creation and have found problems in all the cases. Some plugins allow to create copies but soon they raise some type of problematic for the restoration.

If you choose a method of backup for your data assures to you that it works, that is to say, you must create backup copies and recover them from time to time to certify that everything has been made correctly. He is quite typical to make backup copies and the day that is a disaster it is not possible to recover the data because the endorsements fail.

To reinstate WordPress in another servant or another URL

This is another one of the tasks of WordPress maintenance more habitual than they request many companies to us. In order to move location a WordPress installation, for example if we want it to install in a subdirectory, we must go again to plugin Duplicator that we have mentioned previously. This tool to create a copy of all the data and at the time of installation will allow us to update the routes of all the contents.

He is recommendable to raise of WordPress version and plugins?

Before updating WordPress or his plugins we recommended to make a backup copy in case something fails. We have already seen in several occasions how some company updates its Web to the new version of WordPress and something stops working. In the case of the update of some plugin usually is not so critical, if plugin fails erased it or deactivated and soon we installed a older version. The problem comes when we updated WordPress and something stops working, this yes is critical because we will not be able to return to leave the Web as it were before the update unless we have a backup copy.

How I can accede to WordPress when there am lost the user and password?

All they enter the cold sweat when we forgot our password and name administration user and reason why it is we do not have access to the email that would allow us to use the option to remember password. This situation has quite easy remedy and in addition if we have access to the Control Panel of the lodging Web, in particular we will need to accede to the panel of phpMyAdmin, that is the tool Web with which we can manage the data base of our WordPress page. We accede to phpMyAdmin, we selected the table of users that usually is wp_users and soon punctured To examine. We will see a listing with all the users available and certainly we will recognize ours. We publish the row of our user puncturing the button of the pencil and soon we changed to the email putting the one that we want to use to recover the password. Once facts the changes we go to the page of login of WordPress, we pressed the option there are lost the password? we introduce the email and voil¡! An email with the new password will arrive to us.

They have hackeado my Web, I cannot accede and are publishing indecent things

When they hackean a Web is necessary to act of specific and different form in each case, nevertheless there is something general that yes you can do so that the hacker does not interfere while you try to repair the installation.

It is a simple solution: a file consists of putting the Web in group of forty placing .htaccess in the root of the site or in the directory wp-admin with a directive of protection by means of user and password that is over WordPress, since she is Apache who provides this method of security. The normal thing is that you can do it because when hackean a Web access FTP continues working and will have access to the file system of the Web server to add this .htaccess. Within the file it is necessary to indicate several parameters to leave everything formed, consults to us if you need help.