We did not recommend to directly update plugins or the version of WordPress as soon as it leaves the cartelito in our panel administration, because? Very simple: Although it is certain that normally we updated plugins or WordPress and does not pass anything, yes that is certain that it can pass something and this implies sometimes that something important stops working in your Web, even, all the Web.

This happens because some more popular versions of plugins have not been proven thorough with that version of WordPress, other times because some plugins that are connected to each other are not compatible when some raises of version, other times some plugin is incompatible with the new version of WordPress because something important has stopped working in WordPress or works differently.

We are going to put a recent real case: Recently a Galician local newspaper contacted with us because they had updated WordPress and the titles had disappeared of all the post. It is that this happened because new version WP did not generate the attribute title when he was empty. The subject that used in the Web made use of that property to generate the titles of the news but as that property no longer did not appear the titles either. As this case are many more, usually they do not happen frequently but they happen and when d¡ that situation normally cause major problems.

What is the solution? Very easy: to make a complete backup copy of surroundings WP when we are going to update. The integral copies in WordPress are realised magnificently, easy and surely with Duplicator. If you do not know this exceptional plugin you we can say that he is the best one and simpler form to create an integral copy of a site WP, with some simple clicks of mouse, you will be astonished of its simplicity. Aside, it has an important characteristic and he is that it allows you to renombrar all the URL to point them at another domain or local surroundings, which allows you to update plugins or to realise any other experiment in another place and not in the real Web of production.

We know that plugins is removing new versions weekly or biweekly and not to be realising backup copies constantly what we advised is that once a month you update everything, as much plugins as subjects as WordPress. Just before realising this monthly update you create the complete backup copy with Duplicator in case something fails and of step you have a copy of the data in your power that always comes well.