It is spoken much of how a blog is due to manage so that it has traffic. The success of the blog is a combination of configuration and contents, playing with both aspects an important volume of visits can be obtained.

We cannot speak of the secrets that we do not know, nor either of that we have not tried. For this reason the directives that we are going to give to you are those that we have experimented and we know that they work moderately well, kind to the play!

1. Volume versus Frequency. One says that the frequency is important and indeed it is it, but is it plus the volume. It is as to extend a network of fishing in the sea, if your network includes much surface more fish you will fish. Having many published articles we will capture more traffic and we will have more visits. The frequency is not so important, is better than you write quality content, when you have desire to write and you feel inspired, that can once be to the day or the week. Logically if you write once a month is very difficult that you have a high volume of contents and therefore your SEO will be very low.

2. Immediate goal. To secure 100 daily visits. He is not far from easy at the outset, especially with a new blog. When we spoke of daily visits we talked about to the days in which our blog can more be visited, P. ex, perhaps does a leisure blog have its public concentrate in the weekend and festive, and can a psychology blog have its visitors in schedule of office of L to V. How many articles is necessary to publish to secure those visits? 100 can be an suitable number, are difficult to say this number accurately and guarantees but can be a reference. It depends much on the activity, thematic, quality of contents, optimization SEO, etc., but you can do you to the idea that a blog article can bring a daily visit, you will see that some articles in which you put much effort and persistence bring few visits and other that you almost write by accident you can bring traffic enough. This is a form to be knowing your public, to know its restlessness and needs, thus you will learn to write contents agreed to those exigencies.

3. Content of quality. There is no doubt that the content is the king. The quality is fundamental, writes with desire and you will see that the result is good, publish by obligation will only serve to secure visits initially but they will leave the page if the content is mediocre generating a high percentage by ricochet. The mistaken visits do not interest to you.

4. It uses the voice recognition of the mobile. To write with the hands has been time, is better than unloadings the application of WordPress for mobile (Android and IOS) and you dictate using the magnificent voice recognition that own both systems. Instead of to write you will go having dictated to the mobile the content of the article. It is truth that sometimes are confused, does not put commas or points in paragraphs, the capital letters, acronyms, etc. but the speed of writing that you will reach will be 3 or 4 times superior to the obtained one with the hands. You will be able to finish off the article from a table computer to correct final, to insert images, I connect and another type of things that from the mobile are much more difficult. This article has been written from a mobile using the voice recognition.

5. It writes at any time. To the thread of what has been shelp in the previous point and thanks to the existing application for mobiles, you can take advantage of any moment the day in which you do not have anything to make to dictate to your telephone an article for your blog, while delays the bus, in the tail of the bank, in short, at any time died.

6. It writes down the good ideas immediately. You will see that the inspiration can arrive at any time. Often you will have article ideas good but you will not be able to write them in the moment, nevertheless is fundamental to point those ideas not to let pass them. We have an infallible method to solve this that consists of only writing the title in a new entrance of the blog in state rough draft. The content already you will fill up it when you can. This way never you will let save a good idea. It remembers: the moment of inspiration is magician and capricious, you do not let it go!

7. It follows another blog similar, will serve to you as inspiration source.

8. Plugins SEO that does not have to lack in your WordPress blog: All in One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps. First it will allow to assign to all the configuration SEO you to each page and each entrance of your blog. The second will be in charge to warn Google and other finders whenever you update your blog.

9. Images. Your articles of blog must have one image at least. In her it is necessary to assign all the text attributes. If your blog is done with WordPress you have it easy: when you are going to insert an image associated to an article fills up its three or four text fields when you raise the image from the section Average. What you must place in those text fields is the title of your entrance of blog, that is to say, the title of the article. You can write the same title in all the fields of the image. Because he is important this? Because Google when it tracks an article of your blog extracts the text and it treats it suitably but the images cannot understand them, it needs a little help, it does not know if the content of an image represents a flower or a soccer player marking a goal, for that reason is necessary to fill up the associated attributes of text to these images. In addition it is not necessary to forget that Google in its finder of images allows search by key words. Many visitors can land in your article thanks to the complementary text who you have inserted in the images. IMPORTANT: You do not reuse a same photo in several articles, is better to raise the servant the same photo several times thus in each of them you will be able to write different text attributes.

10. Programmed articles. He is quite recommendable to program the date and the hour of publication of each article because it is very probable that some have been created for weeks or even months. If you beat the button To publish on an article that you have been writing for a month the date of publication will be the one of a month ago and will seem that your article is older than it is. For this reason he is better to later program the publication of the entrance for two hours or a day later and of that form the date of publication she will be the one of the moment, will thus not give sensation of old. In addition he is more interesting to publish an article every five day that the same day and this only we cannot obtain it programming the date of publication of articles. Another detail to consider is that surely it interests to us to publish articles in certain hour strips that are when our users are going to us to read more easily.

11. It always answers the commentaries that the visitors do in your blog, although you do not like or she does not desire to you.

12. You do not eliminate contents of your blog. If you eliminate an article you will be eliminating the URL and that does not like anything to the finders. What one becomes in these cases is to eliminate the article but it URL that continues existing but does not redirect to another place of your blog.

13. You never copy content of other websites. This in the end is ended up knowing and they will penalize to you very seriously. If you want to mention existing content already you inspect a brief troop mentioning the source with a connection to the original Web.

14. You never duplicate your articles. That to duplicate an article of 5 pages and to change two palabritas does not work, is more, Google will realize and it will penalize to you. Google wants and values the natural and original content.