Lamentably it is not so rare that a client with a kidnapped Web arrives to us computer science speaking. This also happens for want of technical knowledge on the part of the client but by abuse of companies of computer science and development that are those that is (in theory) to help.

Of whom it is the webpage?

Of the client but some computer science that takes advantage the lack of knowledge of others always think that he is hers and sometimes this arrives to such a point that the computer science ones offer the webpage in charge and property of the client as if was a service of rent, something totally absurd.

We have seen cases in which the computer science company received 3000‚¬ annual (some 250‚¬/mes) by a nonexistent maintenance, an obsolete Web with old contents, a sometimes done Web in Flash, without manager of contents and in all the cases a Web that does not work correctly in movable devices. The worse thing of everything no longer is that amount of money, but the client cannot break the relation because she does not have accesses of any type (FTP, Control Panel), passwords, backup copies, etc.

If of an accidental one you are in favor in this situation we give some directives at least you so that you can know clearly your options.

Which is the relation between domain, lodging and the page?

A webpage, generally, consists of the following elements:

  • A .com domain or .es, p.ej. The domain is the key of everything, is the place of entrance of the visits Web. To whom it belongs? To who pays it. We advised that the domain contracts and pays it the client without intermediaries directly, to register your domain easily we recommended or to you. To pay the domain annually would have to be as paying any other receipt in the company: the provision of the light, telephony or insurance policies. The domain has at least associate:
  1. An administrative contact. It is most important, he is the one that is used to manage its property or to change the servant to where it aims, renovations, etc. The management of the domain usually is realised through a Control Panel in a domain name register as it can be 1and1, arsys, dondominio, etc. The administrative contact has an associated email, is fundamental that this email is of the client, in many cases is not thus, this contact assigns it the computer science company that takes the maintenance and usually puts the email of one of their employees or people in charge. If you want to do to you with the control of your domain you must create an account of user in the recorder where it is the domain, for example 1and1, and once you have the account there the computer science company must ask for a transfer of the management of the domain of its account to yours so that you begin to have the control on your domain.
  2. A technical contact that usually takes care of the technical incidences. This contact cannot (in theory) make changes of property or renovations of the domain. This email can be of the computer science company of maintenance, although we advised that also it is of the client.
  • Hosting: It is the physical or virtual computer where it is installed the Web and the mail. This servant usually is a computer that is operative 24 hours to the day so that the page and the mail work at any moment. The Web normally consists of a set of archives and folders to which it is possible to be acceded by FTP. We recommended to you that you make a copy of all these archives if you are thinking to break with the company of computer science maintenance. If you never have used FTP it installs this gratuitous tool (FileZilla) to which you will have to put data FTP to accede to your servant. The webpages, in addition to the files, usually have one or several data bases that also there are to keep. To make a copy of the data base is more difficult, it is not a file that can be copied by FTP, you will have to accede to the Control Panel of the lodging and thence to accede to the tool phpmyadmin and already we will be visualizing the data bases. From we must there use the option To export in all the data bases and a text file by each of them will be generated. These text files contain the scheme and the data that you must keep. All these processes are complex, we recommended to you that it advises to a developer Web to you for all this, you do not only do this you if you do not have technical knowledge, you can contact with us if you wish it.

What steps I must follow to break with my present company of maintenance Web?

1. Beam backup copy of your Web and your data bases since we have mentioned previously, you will have to request the accesses to your present company of maintenance Web. If they do not give them to you then you will have to raise to you to create your Web from zero being copied and sticking texts of the present Web, the same with the images. Besides this, logically also you can consider to demand your rights with the opportune legal actions.

2. Contract a new lodging Web, we recommended,, to you. In this new lodging you must start up the Web with the archives that you have been engaged in of your present lodging. It is necessary to also start up the data bases. Also you will have to create all the accounts of email if you have contracted mail.

3. E-mails. If in your present servant you have mail contracted along with the lodging that is most habitual, it unloads all the email of all the mailboxes and leaves them empty.

4. To change DNS in the domain. Now that we have our Web working in another lodging, with e-mail, we must accede to the configuration of the domain and ask for a change of DNS so that they aim at the new servant. As soon as you make this your present domain will stop aiming at the present servant to aim at the new servant. This process is realised very easily from the Control Panel but it takes some 24 hours in propagating by all the planet.

If you are able to take these four steps you will have realised the crossing of your present lodging to one new one, breaking the relation with your company present Web.

To the clients it is not possible to be had to them tied to whip paying a dineral and without facilitating the keys to them of access to his servant preventing that look for other options, it is a kidnapping in all rule!