Store online outpost

Creation of a store online outpost in Prestashop


Store online outpostThe store online outpost is thought for which they want to dedicate itself to sell by Internet of exclusive and professional form. Prestashop is the tool that will allow to secure this objective you, with some rules of merchandise and management that you will not find in another place.

This tool in addition counts on tens of modules that you can buy and to add to your store in case you need some functionality that is not available in the version bases.

Outpost lies down

You do not doubt in choosing this option if you want to have a tool of ecommerce that never will remain short.


  • Unique payment. Payments a single time to make the store online. It remembers that you must contract a lodging and acquire a domain (.es, .com) so that your store works in a servant 24h to the day and you can have e-mail accounts.
  • Prestashop, self-managementable by you. When finishing the page we facilitated the data of access to the administrator so that you can add products, change prices, manage the orders of clients, etc.
  • Compatible design with computers and devices (design responsive).
  • Catalogue: We register 10 products, the rest of products you to it can register when you have the access to the management of the store or if you prefer that we do it would be necessary to budget it aside.
  • Customized design: We spend 4 hours to personalize the design bases to do it more coherent with the type of products that you are going to sell.
  • Basic optimization SEO: We only optimize your store for a keyword in home or page of home. In addition we discharge from the hospital your Web in finders. This task does not guarantee the appearance on the front page of finders.
  • Meetings: We are going to see you to explain the details to you of the project as long as you have office in Madrid. The accomplishment of the project is coordinated in remote, by telephone or email.

NOTE: In this price it is not including the lodging, if you want to see our plans punctures this connection.


Price: 1.249‚¬

Conditions of hiring

  • Prices without taxes
  • Payment: 50% in the home, 50% when finalizing
  • Form of payment: Transference
  • Content: You must to us send the information of the 10 products that we will register, with its title, description, category, price, photo. In addition also we will need your data the company, contact, telephone, email, logo.

How we began?

Once you fill in the form indicating your intention to contract the service we will request the following thing to you:

  • Fiscal data of the company or personal data if you are independent.
  • The content so that we can make your page.
  • Access to your present lodging if it exists.

Once we start up the service, first that we will do it is to send the invoice to you for the payment of 50%. Once phelp you will be able to send the content and we will begin to work.

Store online outpost

How to contract the service?

It punctures the button that appears next to fill in the contact form. We will put ourselves in touch with you as soon as possible.