Here we left a connection of a page that has an interesting collection of examples of transitions CSS3. For that they do not know it, transitions CSS3 are the future of the animations in the webpages.

CSS3 allows us to create animations of all type: rotations, scaled, effects of opacity, displacements, etc. and right now are supported by the great majority of modern navigators Web although it is necessary to wait for a little to that relics as IE8 disappear of scene that prevent their definitive implantation.

At the moment some Web chooses to use transitions CSS3 thinking about modern navigators and happens Olympically of the old navigators. In my opinion and to day of today he is not advisable to take this step, is important to think about obsolete navigators as IE8 that still have an important market share.

Many pages create their animations using alternative Javascript as to CSS3 but the consumption of resources is greater, the ideal is CSS3 since the transformations and processes are realised on native hardware, which offers major rapidity, fluidity and minor memory consumption.

Here it is the connection.