To guess right at the time of choosing to a professional or company of design to create its webpage is fundamental. Here we are going to give some recommendations to you that will be able to help you.

In our opinion there is no difference between a freelance developer or a company with a developer group, in the end what it counts is seriousness and the commitment. We have seen cases of abandonment of projects as much on the part of companies as of independent, for that reason we insisted on which an option does not have to be better than another one, in the end what counts is the work party, that is serious and it jeopardize with the development Web. Another thing that usually happens is that a company of formal and apparently decisive aspect ends up ordering the project of external form to a freelance programmer, this is a lack of seriousness since the only thing who will contribute is a greater cost of the project.

Characteristics of a design company professional Web:

  • Telephone availability or by email: It is fundamental to be able to speak with a person if something fails or if you want that they advise to you. If this person in addition is a technician far better who a commercial one that in the end will end up asking the technician and the mere intermediation only will slow down the communication process.
  • To find solution for everything: There are times that arise technical problems or is not a good way to solve a problem or necessity. A good professional always will give with an option, although she is less bad, but always she must have solution. You must flee from the developers that respond with €œnot can€ to first of change.
  • Knowledge and demonstrable experience.
  • Use of technologies (PHP, Javascript, MySQL) and extended tools and open source, gratuitous, as WordPress for creation of Webs and blogs or Prestashop to create stores online.

And something that we recommended to you if you want to choose a professional or design company Web that finalizes correctly your project is:

  • You do not go to your cousin, or your brother-in-law or to any other relative. We have seen one long list of cases that have finished badly. You must choose while they do a favor or a professional work to you, thinks if your project is a fan experiment or something professional.
  • You do not go to a well-known that works as employee and is going to you to make your page in its free short whiles. The project will extend during months and the maintenance Web will be a nightmare.
  • You do not put the money as first factor to choose to one or the other company, to choose more cheap can finish with a project badly realised.