The work to realise design of webpages consists of creating a design using Photoshop or a similar tool. In this work an image by each page of the website is created that we want to realise. We must consider that the design Web realised from Photoshop does not have anything to do with model-making HTML which finally we must realise so that the webpage is seen correctly in the navigator.

In Photoshop there are no limits, are possible to be made complexes effects of shaded, drawn up, even rendering of elements 3D, use of typographies without limitation. When we are going to transform our design Web in a scale model HTML we must remember very those limitations because in HTML everything cannot be done what we would like.

Knowing well those limitations we will be able to undertake better a transformation of our design of Photoshop image to the final scale model HTML that will be the one that reads our navigating Web.