Recently it contacted with us a proprietor of a business that was very worried because its store online of lingerie did not work and it did not sell. The store was realised in Prestashop and after making a situation analysis we realized of which their products were not in Internet, did not have no type of configuration SEO and therefore they did not appear in the web search engines. This one was the main reason that this store did not sell.

Surprising we saw that other stores realised in Prestashop had the same problem. The error is not in the Prestashop tool, but, in the person who has started up the store and has registered products. And in fact this is happening rather often because the people who start up the stores online Prestashop do not have the necessary knowledge, for that reason we always insisted on going to professional and specialized companies or developers in Prestashop.

Due to this experience, it seemed to us opportune to write an article that could help the people who have a store online Prestashop. Next we are going to teach to you to form the SEO correctly so that your products are indexed by the web search engines with the aim of securing more sales, we go there!

  1. It enters the panel of administration of Prestashop.
  2. We go to Preferences, SEO and URLsHow to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  3. We will see a quite long page, we down go to the section Configuration of the connections. Assure to assign the same values to you that those that you see in this image, soon beat To keep: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  4. We are going to publish a product any. It sees Catalogue, Products.
  5. Anyone publishes a product, you will see something similar to this: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  6. It punctures the eyelash SEO. You will see the fields SEO of the article. If they are empty east article is not positioning to you in finders and is almost as not having it in catalogue. How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  7. We fill up Goal title with the title of the article. A maximum of 60 characters is recommended.
  8. We fill up Goal description with the description of the product. A maximum of 160 characters is recommended.
  9. Goal key words. Keywords is not necessary to position in finders, are used for other different intentions, therefore we recommended to you that you do not fill up them if you want to save an important work. Despite if you want to put them you must write a list of not more than 20 words than they represent isolated properties of the product. You do not write strange tildes nor characters that are not present in the Anglo-Saxon alphabet, yes you can use the n. It tries not to repeat words. It moderately uses articles (of, etc), you do not write phrases of more than two or three words. Either words that comprise of another already written previously, as equipmentequipment. In this product example we have put the following thing: ipod, mini, 16 gb, target, Apple, reproducer, mp3, portable, music, device.
  10. Friendly URL. Normally already it will appear automatically, you can press the button to generate so that it calculates it again. The important thing is that it contains the title of the article, without tildes, nor n, nor nothing of the sort. They can appear numbers.
  11. We go to the eyelash Product Information. You will see a field down Labels, pon there the same labels that you put in Goal key words. Finally it beats in Keeping and you do the same with the rest of articles from your catalogue.
  12. Now we go to Catalogue, Categories. It will appear the listing of categories, it publishes one anyone, you will see a page as this one: How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  13. In Description we must place a text describing the category.
  14. More down we will see the three fields Goal: title, description and words. We filled up them following the same directives that in Products. NOTE: In the field Goal words you must write one comma (,) after each word so that it includes it correctly.
  15. The friendly connection will appear filled up automatically. We already can keep and now only it is to repeat the process with the rest of categories.
  16. He is a little heavy but now it is necessary to do the same with Manufacturers. Fix you to the image, you must fill up a short description and another long one. Underneath you will see the fields goal that there is to fill up since we did previously. We keep and we repeated the process with the rest of manufacturers. How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  17. Idem with Suppliers.
  18. Images: The product photos can improve the SEO remarkably if beams the things good. It dates account that Google is not able to recognize the content of an image, it does not know if in her there is a soccer player or a flower, for that reason looks for the text information that accompanies to the image. This text can be specified doing the following thing:
    A) The name of the file must be friendly and must contain the keywords by which you want to position. You do not use img_3445.jpg, you would have to use bicicleta-grande-orbea.jpg.
    B) The images have two interesting attributes for SEO: title and alt. Both attributes fill up automatically from version 1.5, you can change to this behavior publishing the group file product-list.tpl located in the directory of the subject. You do what you do assures to you that indeed these attributes have been filled up correctly as we are going to explain in the following step.
  19. Verification of which everything I have been made correctly. We need a navigator with inspector elements: Chrome or Firefox. If you do not have it installs it and if you already have it opens it your store and it sails until a product in which you have assigned the SEO.
  20. Kitchen mhelp with the right button of the mouse on the bottom of the page, will appear options, selects To inspect element. We will see that down SUNDAY or source code is opened to a window with HTML of the page, you will see that there is much information, are labels in English, numbers, symbols, something overwhelming, almost monstrous! How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  21. All this information is hierarchized, you will see that to the left of the labels there is an icon with triangle form that serves to open/to close the information nodes, as if he was an explorer of archives. We are going search the label <html>, soon <head> and in his interior they would have to appear the three labels goal that as much importance they have: <meta name=€ title€ > or <title><meta name=€ description€ > and <meta name=€ keywords€ >
  22. Within these labels content would have to appear the attribute that it contains the words SEO that we have written in the panel of Prestashop. In the case of <title> it does not own this attribute, in its place it will appear the title of the product locked up between the labels <title> and </title>. If in all these fields we see the words that we wrote previously in the panel of Prestashop will mean that we have applied the configuration correctlyHow to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  23. We have finished€¦. Noooo€¦. Lack a last detail. Without leaving this page we will puncture the photo of the product with the right button of the mouse, we selected To inspect element. Now we accede to the source code of the image, it is a label <img>, it is selected with blue bottom. In its interior we will see how the attributes alt and title have assigned the title of the product, which demonstrates to us that the SEO has been placed correctly in this image.How to increase to the sales and visits in your store online Prestashop. Improving the SEO
  24. This process of verification would be necessary to realise it on all the elements to which we have applied SEO in the panel of Prestashop: products and their images, categories, manufacturers and suppliers. As you will see the work of a specialist in SEO can be quite hard if we have in hand a catalogue with several hundreds of products.