Formation WordPress Madrid

You need a training expert WordPress in your office that teaches to you or to your employees to administer your blog and to improve the SEO?

In Ecs-Technology we offer this exclusive service of at home totally customized formation in WordPress for companies of the Community of Madrid.

WordPress formation for nascent

The objective is to train people who have ofim¡ticos knowledge in order that they can maintain and update the blog or the Web of the company, learning to write contents oriented to the SEO, to extend the functionalities of the Web by means of plugins, to form the technical aspects of the page, to create new sections, to update and to optimize images, etc.

WordPress formation distributed by a developer that has made tens of webpages and blogs

All this you a qualified one will count it highly training, in fact one will do it of our experience developers who is expert in WordPress, SEO, development and architecture Web, PHP/MySQL programming, Javascript, model-making and design HTML5/CSS3. The nobody best one than an expert with good comunicativas dowries to explain to you what you want on your WordPress page. What others have taken weeks in learning you will do it in a matter of minutes because you will not have to experiment, to test or to find out which is the best option for a concrete problem, all you will give it fact and you our expert will count it.

In addition this type to formation is so customized that he is directly made on your webpage and the subject that you have installed. All we know that each subject is a world, is administered of a completely different form and this adds to complexity to the work of creation and management of contents in your page enough. For that reason we taught to you to update contents directly on your installation to give the maximum possible personalisation you. They will not serve other generic scenes to you, never you will deepen the sufficient thing if beams generic WordPress formation, you will not see anything just as the applied formation the reality of your company and on your situated Web.

Formation of quality, customized, actual and exclusive

As you will be able to imagine this service is of quality, very customized and exclusive, he is not economic, that is not thought for wants to spend little money but for which it wants to handle a oriented enterprise tool to the SEO and to secure to more visitors Web than they become potential clients. This will bring important benefits to you, implies to improve your business, to harness the image of your company, to exceed to your competition and to be positioned correctly in finders, for that reason this type of formation is not economic.

Therefore if your resources are limited you can look for some gratuitous course or cheap on WordPress but you do not hope to become a professional of this publication tool, take it to you as an funny liking to do in free short whiles.

Another reason by that this type of formation is not economic is because the training one will go directly to your office so that you do not have to waste that time of displacement, mainly if what you want is to train several people simultaneously. This we raised it thus because our objective is that your company is productive, not only at the time of working with WordPress but also at the time of receiving the formation.

Prices and tariffs of the customized formation WordPress for companies of Madrid

[alert type=€ info€ close=€ false€] the present price of this service is of 45‚¬/h [/alert]

If you are interested in our supply of formation contacts with us.