The paper of the consulting SEO to increase to the visits of a Web or blog

You know clearly the necessity to bet by Internet but you do not know perhaps how to do it and you do not even know if really you need it because you do not know if your page well is positioned in finders, if it has visits, etc. In order to shed light in this sea of darkness the figure of the consulting SEO exists.

What goes to do a professional of this profile is to analyze the type of company that you have, products, services, geographic location, is present in social networks, the competition and other factors.

With all this information he will value your presence in Internet and soon he will determine if your present page represents correct and positively to your company and products/offered services.

In that point he will verify himself if the present page has tools to work the SEO or if it is necessary to migrate it towards a tool optimized for SEO as it can be WordPress.

It is necessary to consider very present and, that the work of a strategy SEO is realised mainly on the webpage of the company, not being been so necessary the external activities.

Main to pound SEO: The publication of contents

One of the main pillars of any strategy SEO it is the publication of contents. First that there is to decide it is who will publish the content. In this case there are two options: the company or a specialistic SEO. Most advisable it is than the content is created by the company because the nobody will be best one to speak on the services/products offered by the same. For example: we have a company of the industrial sector that dedicates to the manufacture and distribution of hydraulic hammers. To the thematic being a so technical specialistic SEO will not be able to make a so precise work in the writing and direction of texts since the own company would do it. This is our recommendation, but it is necessary to understand that if the company does not have time to write up those contents will have to make position a specialist in SEO.

Do the social networks help in the SEO?

Another aspect important to work the SEO is the entailment towards social networks. The work in social networks depends much on the type of client. There are them have personnel with capacity to administer the social networks and in other cases they do not have resources to manage them and they prefer anybody external one. The ideal is that the social networks work specifically independent and, one to one, since they require a different publication strategy. If you do not have time to work or the networks or you do not want to dedicate it, another solution, the less good exists, that it consists of publishing in the social networks articles of the blog of semi-automatic form.

Since you see, the social networks participate in the SEO acting as diffusion platform. In any case, if the work in social networks is to you very complicated or distant or you are not wanted to complicate, it is better than you are not present in them because there is nothing no worse than to have a left social profile. In this case center to you in working your blog and webpage and placing some social bellboys so that any article of your blog it can share the people who use social networks. These bellboys of whom we spoke are for the others, not for same you, that is to say, that you will not need to have open page of company in each social network.

SEO and SEM: they make good pair?

The work of a campaign SEO sometimes goes accompanied of a SEM campaign, mainly in the home. There are companies that a home stops contract a AdWords campaign that reinforces the work that becomes in the blog.

These are some of the workings or areas on which usually it works a consulting SEO. If you are going to contract one so that it tries to increase the traffic in your Web you would have to request positioning references to him, it will be able to serve to you for knowing if that person has been able to position other clients correctly.

A consulting can SEO guarantee results?

An expert in SEO cannot guarantee the results to you that you want, of appearing on the front page of results or the first positions. The work of this technician depends on the work of the others, especially of Google, that is changing its algorithm search almost monthly. Therefore, you must trust a person who presents a coherent exposition, suitable the type of company that you have, somebody that says €œthe results to you are obtained in the long term€¦ €œ, therefore it flees from professionals who guarantee to you to be on the front page in some weeks!

It is so difficult to be on the front page of finders?

Yes, he is something that correctly obtains with a work of tip and shovel, writing contained in your Web and labeling them, we spoke of many months of work. It thinks that just as you are many more companies, than already they are on the front page and they have been more time in operation and positioning, therefore, she does not have to be so easy to snatch that predominance to them.

The key of a good consultant SEO is that it makes things in your page that do not make the others to be able to surpass to them. Aside from this, never you entrust yourself in which says to you that it will put to you on the front page of results and in addition in just a short time.