If you are freelance developer you can interest these advice to try to avoid problematic clients or projects, or you even can obtain some ideas to solve the most habitual problems in the relations client €“ developer.

The approach of this article is partial and tries to defend the interests of the developer, without putting to the client as bad of peli.

  • The price is better not to work than to do throwing it. If they do not leave works spends your time to you to promote to you, not to work cabreado and bad phelp.
  • Closed price can only be given when everything depends on you and the project is well-defined.
  • The defined work you do not have to invoice it per hours. If you have given closed price the client can be requesting functionalities to you until the infinite due to that imprecision. This will submerge you in phelp an interminable and bad project.
  • If the client wants to work to the flight (making decisions on the march, participating in each detail, desoyendo the technical limitations, changing of opinion, undoing work already done, etc.) you must invoice the work per hours.
  • The frontal avoids to budget developments of the type I want a webpage similar to€¦ Is difficult to measure the complexity of a Web much more seeing but if you cannot accede to backend. In addition, if a client is not able to create a Word document of requirements is that she does not go in serious.
  • The complex developments or to size require a previous analysis that must invoice per hours and totally supposes a task to the independent margin and to the development. This in Spain is not understood easily.
  • The good clients are neither great nor the small ones, are those that let to you do and understand that your time is worth money.
  • He tries, as far as possible, not to depend on the taste of the others. This he is one of the reasons by which many developers use group designs to size avoiding the design.
  • A project does not leave ahead until the client realises the first payment.
  • If you have family to your position (children, parents) your yield is smaller, it measures well your forces.

I hope that they have served these advice to you, are fruit of many years of experience€¦